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Vegetarian Meatloaf with Quinoa

Give yourself a meatless day.  If you are in the mood to prepare a very tasty but hearty dish this can be it! A vegetarian Meatloaf.  This recipe is packed with healthy fillers, like Quinoa, zucchini, carrots and flax meal.  This meatloaf can be made using a cupcake pan or a regular baking pan.If using […]

Crispy Salmon & Quinoa Fish Fingers

What a great way to have your kids eating salmon and quinoa, pronounced (“keen-wah”) .  If you haven’t tried quinoa yet, here are a few reasons why you should incorporate it in most of our meals. Quinoa is naturally gluten-free and loaded vitamins ans minerals.  It is one of only a few plant foods that […]

Vegan Chiles en Nogada

This traditional mexican dish has been turned around by my “jefa” (boss) the one and only Chef Maria! She did change the ingredients for this one and came up with a great vegan alternative.

Salmon and Quinoa Patties with Lemon-Yogurt Sauce

Superfoods! Quinoa and Salmon come together in this easy to make and delicious recipe.

Quinoa Brownies (Gluten Free)

At The Real Food Academy we love working with healthy ingredients such as Quinoa, Flax(for egg substitution), Coconut Oil and Cocoa Powder. These are the main ingredients to our Quinoa Brownies, an excellent recipe for chocolate lovers, vegans and foodies alike. Keep them in an air tight container in a cool place and snack away! […]