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Well, not exclusively. Daddy and me works too. So does Grandma and me. And Aunt Alice and me as well. You get the idea. This special type of class is held only a few times a year, but offers one of the best bonding experiencing you can imagine.

As you can see from some of the selections below, this special class gives you more than a bonding experience. You'll eat excellent food that you prepared together. Just read what this Mom had to say about a recent class.

Bring your camera and create memories that you and your daughter will no doubt cherish for a lifetime to come. Use the Booking app below to find the class you want.

There kids classes, as well as the Mommy and Me shown below. Check out our upcoming schedule.

Jessica SumontSingle Mom
Jessica Dumont

Initially I went with the thinking; “this is what we do for our kids”! I am a full time single mom and working professional with very limited time for cooking. But I wanted to share that both my daughter and I enjoyed so much the Mommy and Me cooking class that I know we will spend more time in the kitchen together. I truly had a wonderful time, the staff is great, the quality time is priceless and best of all I got my daughter to try new thing and I got great tip for future healthy and delicious options in the kitchen. Many thanks to the wonderful staff. See you soon!

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