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Saturday Cooking Classes

The Real Food Academy is dedicated to making your child's cooking class an Unforgettable One!

If your child loves to eat and have fun, you want them enrolled in our Saturday cooking classes. More important than having fun, your child will begin to learn the difference between “real food” and “food like” products. We use all natural and healthy ingredients in every dish hence our slogan "We Don't Change the Dish....We Change the Ingredients!" Our menus are designed to re-introduce your child to some of their favorite meals but with healthy alternatives.

Using our “secret ingredient method” we have coined the phrase “I Tried and I Liked It”. We found that when kids are involved in the preparation of their own meal, they will try...and like foods they would not have otherwise given a chance.​

Some parents choose to wait for their kids in our comfortable, Wi-Fi ready chill out room. There, you can watch your little ones through our glass window. Wait until you see how proud they are to have you sample their delicious creations!​

Here are just some of our most popular themes!​

» Real Food, Real Fun 101

» Real Food, Real Fun 102​

» Rainbow Foods​

» Iron Chef

» Super Chefs

» The Food Network TV Shows

(30 Minute Meals, Food Detective, Cupcake Wars, Everyday Italian, How to Boil Water, The Worse Chef in America)

» Around The World In A Healthy Way

» Little Chefs

» Summer Delights

Who Can Attend?

We offer cooking classes for children ages 4 to 13.

Regardless of their age, they'll have fun, try new stuff and learn about "real" foods!​

Best of all, leave the cleaning to us​

When & Where Is It?

Kids Cooking classes are held:

  • Saturday 10am to 11:30am
  • Tuesday 4:00pm to 5:30pm

At the Real Food Academy kitchen:

9612 NE 2nd Ave

Miami Shores, FL 33138​

We are a BYOB facility.

What's The Price?

Single Classes cost $35 ... or you can save BIG when you buy a 10 Class Package for only $250.

That's only $25 per class!​

How Can I Book?

Booking a cooking class is easy using our online booking system.

Please Note: We've been doing this a while. As a result, we've answered almost every question you might have. Spend about 5 minutes reviewing the FAQ, and we promise, you'll understand our process, what to expect, what's next, and how to get started. Thanks for taking the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Saturday Kids Classes

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Yes, you still need to register for each class. When you purchase a package of classes, you are essentially purchasing credits to be deducted from each class you book. In the case of the kids classes you are purchasing 10 credits and for adult classes you are purchasing 4 credits.

The first step is to purchase the credits and the second step is to use the credits.

So step #1 is purchase credits

Step #2 is choose the class you want to attend and book that class as you would normally do. The difference will be that you will not be asked for a credit card payment. You will simply deduct 1 credit from your Real Food Academy balance.

More importantly, purchasing a package of classes tells us only that you’ve bought a block of credits. We still you to tell us WHEN you are coming to class. Then and only then will we know the details of you or your child and most importantly whether or not your child has any food allergies.

This is why you need to register online for each class.

Yes, One thing! If your child has long hair, please have it pulled back and tied up neatly and pulled out of the face of your child upon arriving to class!
We are not limited to any one cuisine. Every week we prepare your kids favorite foods! It may be Italian one week, American the next week, Asian, Latin and more. No matter the cuisine, you can always count on us showing your kids how to prepare their favorite foods in the most health way!
No.  Parents are invited to hang out in what we call the chill out room.  This room is connected to to the room where your child is, but is separated by glass.  However, you are more than welcome to come into the room to take pictures. In fact we encourage it!
All registrations for Saturday class are done through our on-line calendar.  This will provide us the information we need in advance to be properly prepared for the class.  Sorry..no walk-ins.
We have a huge lot with tons of free parking behind our location.  If you’re having a party, make sure to tell your guests about the rear parking when sending your invitations.

Not seeing your question/answer here? Try the search feature.

Customers Praise

About Saturday Kids Classes

“Overall a great experience for us both”

There's not one bad thing to say, I love the chefs, the menus. Overall a great experience for us both.

Arlen Sirotzky

“My daughter tried salmon for the first time, and loved it!”

Wow my daughter tried salmon for first time and loved it !!!

Thanx so much

Great class!!

See you July 16!

Linda Nosanchuk

“My daughter Samantha loved it!”

My daughter Samantha loved it !!!! See you next Saturday !!!! I already told 2 moms and I'm pretty sure one may sign up

Linda Nasanchuk
Thank you for a great culinary experience!
5 stars!

My daughter had a wonderful experience! She throughly enjoyed her time in the class. The whole staff was so friendly, informative and attentive. My daughter can't wait to come back for her next class.

Thank you for a great culinary experience.

Sheena Cepeda

I can’t say enough great things!
5 Stars

I can't say enough great things, with every class my son is enjoying more coming and trying things that was a battle before!!
Thank you!

Arlen Sirotzky

Keep up the great work!
5 stars

An excellent class my kids really enjoy it. Keep up the great work.

Zoila Simmons

5 stars

Hi! I think what you guys are doing there is amazing!!! I loved it and I'm glad we signed up! My picky eater tasted everything and had a great time !!

I do have one wish, the kids should take home respite cards of what they made.

Thank you and looking forward to next Saturday. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

Arlen Sirotzky

It was a great experience for both kids!
5 stars

It was a great experience for both kids, and a nice surprise to be able to share with them at the end of the class. My daughter even made us the same baked chicken with panko recipe for dinner. They will definitely be back, regularly.

Dennis Murcia

Thank you for a wonderful and tasty time!

Andrew (12) and Sara (10) had such a great experience with you, Chef Jeffrey and your wonderful staff and learned a great deal about smarter ways to cook with smart ingredients on Saturday. I am positive that when they visit in the future, their first request will be to return to The Real Food Academy. We were all impressed with the 13 students -- everyone with rapt attention and full participation...quite a feat for 13 (students) under 13!

Thank you for a wonderful and tasty time!

Kathleen Redmond

Chef Jeff was the best!
5 stars

Wow!! My daughter had an amazing time during her Saturday cooking class! Chef Jeff was the best! She learned so much in just one day. She has asked me to help me cook every night since her class! We will be back soon!!

Can you PLEASE open another location in Miami? :)

Mary March

“Thank you for making learning so fun and delicious!”
5 stars

Dear Chef Maria,

My children Helaina (age 6) and Joshua (age 3) have so enjoyed your cooking classes this school year! They even battle over who gets to go to cooking on a particular day. It is so fun to see them learn about nutrition, manners, and different cultures, while at the same time creating something they can be proud of and enjoy eating too.

I feel like we have traveled around the world with your international menu and age-appropriate dishes.

Thank you for making learning so fun and delicious! We look forward to cooking with you for years to come!

With Love,
The Harris Family

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Please Note: We've been doing this a while. As a result, we've answered almost every question you might have. Spend about 5 minutes reviewing the FAQ, and we promise, you'll understand our process, what to expect, what's next, and how to get started. Thanks for taking the time.