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After School Program and Courses

Starting September 2nd, 2020, The Real Food Academy is introducing a new service. In response to the current conditions with the Corona Virus and social distancing requirements, we're introducing a new after school program for school kids aged 7 to 13. We will offer a new course or session every 10 weeks, the first of which is "How To Become A Real Food Chef".

How To Become A Real Food Chef

Wednesday Afternoons from 4:30pm to 6:00pm -- September 2nd (2020) through November 4th (2020) [Session 1]
Wednesday Afternoons from 4:30pm to 6:00pm -- January 10th (2021) through March 10th (2021) [Session 2]

$300 for the 10 week course

In this 10-week course, your budding chefs will learn all the basics and techniques on how to become a Real Food Chef.

Each week they’ll be introduced to a new culinary concept, we’ll cover the topics and create dishes accordingly. In each class, students can expect to make 2 to 3 dishes depending on the complexity of the recipes.

This course is good for both beginners and intermediate levels of cooking experience. We’ll group them according to their age and cooking experience.

Corona Virus Safety

We are complying with all CDC guidelines.

Each student will have their own station 6 feet apart from each other.

Face coverings will be required when not seated in their station.

Siblings may seat together and not keep a social distance.
Week 1

Intro To Culinary and Create Your Own Breakfast

An introduction into the culinary arts, this week's agenda covers kitchen safety, cooking equipment and cooking techniques. Kids will also learn to create their own breakfast.
Week 2

Real Food Vs Processed Food

An introduction and deeper explanation of what is considered "real food" and what "processed food" is and how they are different. Kids will also learn to create Healthy Bowls and Smoothies.
Week 3

All About Pasta Making

Pasta from scratch is healthier and better tasting than store-bought boxed pasta. And it's easier than you think! This week's agenda covers making fettuccini from raw ingredients.
Week 4

All About Bread and Pizza Dough

Nothing beats the taste of homemade bread! Kids will learn the technique of creating bread and pizza dough, then put it to use creating their own from scratch pizza.
Week 5

Plating and Food Styling

Presentation and plating is covered with some Food Styling concepts. Kids will learn about natural syrups, using edible flowers and more.
Week 6

Fancy Dinner

Kids will learn about what goes into making Gourmet meals. We also cover table etiquette as it's an important part of the fancy dinner.
Week 7

The World of Hospitality

Kids will learn about the world of hospitality and how to create a buffet table. We'll do this while cooking items from the Chinese Cuisine Galore menu items.
Week 8

Sushi Making Class

Kids will learn about making sushi with an emphasis on both vegetarian options and normal fish sushi. We've found kids are surprised by and really enjoy this class!
Week 9

Halloween Treats

We'll focus this week's class on some Halloween Treat favorites. You'll really enjoy the leftovers they bring home, if there are any! This class is one of the kids' favorites.
Week 10

Food Challenge Competition Day

Kids will take what they've learned throughout the course and their time with us to create their own dish. This competition is a kid favorite and brings out the best in them.
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