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After School Program

We Teach Students About Nutrition And How To Make Healthy Food Choices!

It's essential that our students are taught and understand the difference between what is “real food” and what are “processed foods”.

We know that most health problems adults face today are self inflicted, and in most cases, could have been avoided had they adopted the principles we teach. Our mission is to teach our little ones a healthier way to eat, raise their awareness of ingredients (good and bad) and prepare them to live a long, healthy life.

We accomplish this by developing our own curriculum. It’s full of important lessons and lots of fun. Our program has been time tested over the years and proven to be very effective.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum was developed around our slogan which is "We Don't Change the Dish....We Change the Ingredients!"

In short, we simply clean up any dish that kids already know and love then swap bad ingredients for healthy alternatives using natural and organic foods. Also, cooking classes help build a foundation for many essential life skills. Learning to cook helps kids build self-esteem, learn basic math skills and develops their growing vocabulary. Additionally, cooking together fosters stronger relationships with family and friends and helps cultivate the all-important skills of listening to, and following, directions.

Below are sample foods our students prepare during our after school programs:


Kale Smoothie

Using organic spinach or kale, students blend ice and ingredients to prepare smoothies that are both healthy and refreshing.


Beet Pasta

Another dish that's a favorite among our students is freshly made beet pasta; A healthy alternative to a popular processed food.



Students learn how to prepare a simple, healthy base to many dishes involves whole grains used in breads and specialty pizzas.



Students find out how to prepare a favorite vegan dessert using healthy ingredients including zucchini.


Minestone Soup

Students dice, chop and mix organic ingredients to prepare delicious soup that is not only healthy, each dish is a masterpiece!


Flourless Brownies

Students discover a healthy alternative to processed flour, replacing it with black beans for a moist, mouth watering healthy dessert.

Safety And Kitchen Techniques

Students will be taught to safely use these kitchen techniques:

  • Whip
  • Blend
  • Chop
  • Mix
  • Knead dough
  • Measure ingredients

Safety And Food Allergies

Safety is our #1 priority. Students will not come in contact with, or even come close to heat at anytime. We only use utensils designed specifically for children. For example, our knives are made from nylon and have ergonomically designed handles designed for easy grib by small hands.

We are sensitive to all food allergies and can easily work around them. We require they be disclosed by the parents at time of enrollment. We do NOT use any peanut products at any time.

Who Can Attend?

We offer cooking classes for pre-k all the way to 8th grade. There is a  minimum of 6 students and a maximum of 12 students per class.

Best of all, leave the cleaning to us​

When Are Classes?

We come to you! Because we are 100% mobile, a kitchen is not needed.

We can setup in any classroom, cafeteria, lounge, etc.

What's The Price?

As each afterschool program features individual requirements, rates vary according to the following:

  • Location and Duration​
  • Number of Participants
  • Number of Classes per day

How Can I Book?

Booking an after-school program is handled by phone only.

Please call (786) 395.0355 to get started booking an after school program now.

Details Of Our After School Program

  • Classes can be 1 hour, to 1 hour and minute minutes in duration
  • Sessions can be 8 to 12 weeks
  • ​Offered to grades pre-k to 8th grade
  • Up to 2 classes per day (at different times)
  • ​Minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 students per class
  • A kitchen is not needed. We can set up in any classroom, cafeteria, etc.
  • Some of our dishes include: Flourless brownies made with black beans, begerable soups such as minestrone, green smoothies using spinach or kale, vegan cupcakes with zucchini, freshly made beet pasta, whole grain breads and special pizzas, etc.
  • We do not use any artificial food flavors or colors. Ever.
  • Students will receive a hand out with the lesson plan, and recipes to take home and try again with parents or siblings.
  • At the end of every class, the students will enjoy a very hearty and healthy meal they helped make.

The Real Food Academy currently offers it's After School Program to many of the most prestigious private schools and Community Centers through out Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Many of our schools feel it's the best enrichment program they offer. This program is designed to help kids understand the importance of nutrition, boost their self esteem, while learning to eat new foods.

Why Should Your School Offer Our After School Program?

Let's start with amazing results!

Our program has proven to provide the following benefits to children in their development

  • ​Promotes nutrition and proper food handling
  • Introduces science, math, geography and social skills.
  • Involves reading and following directions.
  • Cooking will help develop their senses.
  • Promotes family time.
  • Teaches proper handling of utensils and helps develop motor skills.
  • Kids who get involved in cooking and learn about where foods come from, tend to develop more healthy eating habits.
  • Enhances their self esteem.

Others Who Believe As We Do, That After School Programs Create Well Rounded, Well Behaved Children.

Click the images to read more about the benefits of an after school program

Please call (786) 395.0355 to get started booking an after school program now.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Our After School Program

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We are located at 570 NE 81st Street, Miami, FL 33138 (map)
A kitchen is not needed. We can setup in any classroom, cafeteria, etc.
A minimum of 6 but no more than 12 students per class is ideal.
We offer after school programs to kids pre-k to 8th grade.
Sessions can be 8 to 12 weeks.
Classes can be 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes in duration.

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Please call (786) 395.0355 to get started booking an after school program now.

Reviews by Customers

About Our After School Program

Great after school program

My daughter is doing the after school program at Real Food Academy and she loves it. She is super shy so it is always difficult to have her attending activities, but she always super exited to go to her cooking class and she is so proud to cook food that tastes so good !! And me, I like the fact that the chef is teaching the kids to cook healthy food !!
- Valerie

We love RFA!

Our kids have been taking weekend classes for years. This summer we joined camp and started after school classes for our oldest. She has learned amazing new kitchen skills, made great friends and loves her visits to Real Food Academy!
- Lisa J.
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The Real Food Academy
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