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Can I bring some beer or wine?

Absolutely. Bring your favorite bottle of wine. Most people do, however, The Real Food Academy does not possess a liquor license and therefore will not serve wine or any alcoholic beverages to anyone in the class.

Do you provide food for the adults?

Yes, for an extra charge we provide a variety of food platters for the adults.  (click here for details).  However, you are welcome to provide the adults food yourself if you like.

What is the maximum number of kids I can invite?

We have hosted as many as 40 children but 35 max is recommended to ensure everything gets the kind of attention we want them to have.

Is there enough room for the parents to stay at the party?

Yes, we have lots of room. In fact, we offer additional services to make your stay at the party as much fun for you, as it is for the kids. Order from our Adult Party platters, bring wine, beer or other beverages (no hard alcohol please) and have a party within a party. Bring some […]

Can I invite young kids as young as 2 years old?

Yes, as long as they are accompanied by their parent who will provide their undivided attention to that child.

Can I bring a Piñata?

Yes! Of course! Come a little early and decorate anyway you want (during the time allocated to you, the room is yours)

Do you provide plates, napkins, candles or forks for the cake?

No.  In our experience, most times the cake plates, napkins etc. will be part of a theme.  We, along with the parents have found it better to leave this to the parents.  However we are more than happy to help in a pinch.

Can I bring a cake?


The form asked me to enter the estimated number of children but I am not sure yet. Can I change this number as we get closer to the party?

Yes. You will receive a series of emails from The Real Food Academy after you make the deposit.  One of the emails will be regarding the Final Head Count.  That form needs to be returned to us no later than 1 day before the party.

Is it okay if I show up early and decorate?

Absolutely!  The space belongs to you during the hours that you booked the party.  Feel free to decorate it however you like!