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This simple soup is easy to prepare and can be done with the help of your little ones. Kids will actually be more inclined in eating it if it's served on bread bowl. Broccoli is an excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin C, chromium and folate. It is a very good source of dietary fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin E, manganese, phosphorus, vitamin B1, vitamin A, potassium and copper. This has to be the ultimate kids favorite dish from The Real Food Academy. We have probably made thousands of them in our kids classes. Pizza on a Stick its not only fun to make but can promote team work among kids, use of the motor skills, creativity and a way to try a new vegetable as a topping since its not visible as the traditional pizza. I can't begin to tell you how refreshing and super delicious this pops are. Definitely a crowd pleasure. Have them in your fridge and enjoy after dinner, I assure you that you'll go for the second one! Fruit roll ups are a great way for your kids to get lots of antioxidants! Blend some strawberries or your favorite berries and make them onto a leather fruit! Super fun to eat and loaded with vitamins! Save your left-over Rotisserie chicken and left over veggies and whip up this quick and delicious Asian style dish. For best results cook your rice the day before. Using cold rice for this recipe will turn out the crispiest! This easy and delicious dish can be prefect for school lunches. Make it the night before or have your little chef in the kitchen help you on any week night for dinner. They will have a lot of fun cutting these rounds Need something sweet for Sunday brunch? This is a super refreshing fruit salad perfect for Brunch. This recipe is been always a hit with our students during our Saturday classes or our summer camp. Its a variation of everyone's favorite French Toast. This version its easy to make and perfect for on the go!. Perfect during school time and can easily be prepared the nigh before. Just stick in the oven and ready to go! Refreshing easy and delicious! Super healthy too! The first time I tried this dessert I died and went to heaven! It was my friend Chef Stefania Barzini from Italy who shared with me this delicious recipe that "takes you back to childhood".  There are a few variations you can do to make it dairy free. Use almond or coconut milk instead of whole milk and you will still hear the lullaby after the first bite! This is by far one of my favorite pasta sauces and one of the most simple and quick to prepare. After mixing all the ingredients in a food processor add the hot boiling pasta (your favorite one. I use gluten free ) and it will just come together. A perfect meal Ready to serve! These raw energy bars are the bomb! I promise they wont last in your fridge. This is the perfect snack for the afternoon or after dinner. There's no sugar added except for the natural sugar found in super nutritious dates. You can always make them sweeter by adding more dates or less sweet by using less dates.
In my house there will always be a container in the refrigerator or freezer. All I need to satisfy my craving or get a bust of energy is half of a square. You can make them into balls shape and your kids will have FUN preparing them! Drinking green tea is one of the best sources of anti-oxidants! It will also help you loose weight, skincare and lower your cholesterol among many other benefits. Here you have it! One of my favorite summer meals. This recipe can be and appetizer served with tortilla chips or a main dish served with romaine lettuce. All the enzymes of the raw fruit and vegetables will keep your skin glowing and nourishing your body!
For a more sophisticated presentation, you can add cooked shrimp to your wraps! If you got carried away and ate more of the wrong foods. That’s Ok; try this delicious cleansing recipe called, “The Best Cleansing Smoothie”. You will fill the cleansing right away! You would never know that this non-dairy Mac and and Cheese is made with potatoes, carrots and sunflower seeds. Yes, that's it. The combination of these 2 veggies and seeds create a creamy sauce that would satisfy any Mac'n Cheese lover! You can alternate using cashews instead of the sunflower seeds. It would just not be recommended if you have a tree nut allergy. You can even use gluten free macaroni and now you really have an exceptional healthy dish! Everyone loves tacos, specially children. Here we have a variation of the traditional taco style where instead of beef we are using mushrooms, walnuts and spices to make the taco meat, perfect for meat-less Mondays. This combination of mushroom and walnut makes it so tasty and crunchy that I promise you wont miss the "beef". If you want to take it a bit further, use Romaine lettuce whole leafs to replace the tacos shells. Much healthier, low in calories and low in fat! This drink made out of rice and milk is traditionally made in countries from Central America. The combination of milk, rice and cinnamon makes it very fulfilling and refreshing. Make a large pitcher and keep it chill. Chicken Mango SaladIf you have leftover chicken, make this refreshing salad with tropical mangoes, tomatoes and cucumbers.  You can have your little ones helping to shred the Romain lettuce and the chicken.  This can be a fun family bonding time!     Mixed-Fruits-with Marscapone -Cheese Easy and Delicious.  Perfect for all year round.  Fruit can be substituted  for seasonal ones.  Making the Marscapone cream is so easy that your kids can help.  This dish can be served in a waffle basket, waffle cone or in a nice fancy glass! We love to celebrate all the different festive holidays from around the world! St Patrick's Day is a day to cheer up with food and drinks. At our academy,  we create recipes that are cleaner and leaner without sacrificing  flavor. This recipe for mini Shepard's pies is a great rendition of the traditional one and very kid friendly. We all know that those artificial food colors are not healthy and are suspected of having links to behavioral and health problems. At The Real Food Academy, we teach our students how to use natural food color using fruits or vegetables, not only changes the color but makes them healthier for you. As vegetarians(or not), we need to add protein to our bodies. The following recipe is "pumped" with plant-based proteins from beans, seeds and oats. As a vegetarian, this is one of my to go recipes when I want a burger (you don't need to be vegetarian in order to savor this baby!).  At The Real Food Academy, we have also made this recipe with hundreds of kids  and just after we got their seal of approval (kids can be harsh recipe judges) we decided on going public with it! TIP: Serve it with our Sweet and Tangy Coleslaw with Apples and top it with avocado slices and  sprouts. Next time you have a gathering  your guest will be impressed with your new plant-based burger!


This super crispy recipe of chicken tenders can made with or without the tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

When are little chefs from TRFA prepare this recipes, we know that there will be NO LEFTOVERS!

This simple winter salad will fill your family with energy. Our Maple Vinaigrette is an excellent low salt, low citric recipe and the "melange" of Spinach, Almond and Cranberries a low fat vegan option for light lunch or dinner salad. This is winter season, try our flourless version of Chicken Alfredo with Zucchini Pappardelle instead of Pasta. Gluten free and light version of the well know classic! Veggie-Loaded-7-Layer-Dip-10This recipe was adapted form Super Healthy Kids website.  It's a perfect blend of yummy ingredients and fresh chopped tomatoes and cucumbers. Making this an kid friendly recipe where they can be involved in the process. This easy recipe will get your little and big chefs cooking! Is easy to prepare, only takes a few minutes and you can always add Pesto, tomatoes or use your favorite cheese! Vegan-Mac-n-Cheese- I was so exited when I found this recipe of vegan Mac and Cheese.  However, the recipe called for cashews.  I decide to change it up and use sunflower seeds instead.  I didn't want exclude any student on our cooking class because of a nut allergy.  It turned out to be AMAZING! They all absolutely loved it!  Parents were amazed to see their kids having second servings!  This is definitely a hit! spinachpearsalad   Perfect fall/winter salad for your holidays or just a regular evening!  The candied pecans and the pomegranate make this dish a winner one!

This spiced chocolate mousse is perfect for the holidays and can be made head of time.

chicken-florentine-istockThis is dish was create for the senior chefs of our Saturday kids cooking class.

Here they learned an easy and healthy way to stuffed boneless chicken breast.

The dish that can be a breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack! Serve as a side dish with Salad or Gazpacho. As always you can play with the recipe by adding your favorite vegetables and herbs! Add this simple salsa to our Quinoa Salmon Sliders or just have it with chips as part of your Mexican dinner! Fresh, no sugar added homemade ice cream. Freeze your super ripe bananas -peeled and diced. Add basil or mint,  chocolate chips, fruits or nuts! This refreshing recipe works for breakfast or dessert. You can also use either local or seasonal fruit. Topping with granola is optional! This recipe is well thought of and following our tradition "We don't change the dish, we change the ingredients"   the fruits, eggs and milk are organic and  the flour is unbleached, organic whole wheat flour (contains more vitamins and nutrients than regular all purpose flour).  The butter was also exchanged for Ghee, a clarified butter that is free of proteins and lactose and can sit in your counter top without the need for refrigeration. Ghee is available in most Indian or specialty supermarkets.  Your breakfast should give you the energy and nutrients that you need to start your day the right way  and this sweet Banana Belgian Waffles served with fresh fruits and warm maple syrup is surely a  winning combination.  
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