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If you like avocado, you will be amazed how easy and delicious this version of Avocado baked fries are. You can have it as an appetizer with a spicy mayo-sriracha dipping sauce or simply added it to a salad as a topping. This easy and delicious egg and vegetables frittata recipe is a perfect dish to serve for brunch in addition to the rest of goodies, like waffles or pancakes. If you have kids, you can involve them into the making as we know how much they love to crack eggs! This is a great way to swap the butter on your toast for avocado, which is a healthy fat and take will take your toast to another level. This mouthwatering recipe can be eaten for breakfast, lunch of afternoon snack. Adding kale will make it even more nutritious and will add texture to the spread. We all love a good breakfast casserole but feel too guilty afterwards! Here's a recipe that you may want to consider preparing on a Sunday or a rainy day. Using sprouted Ezekiel (Flax or Sprouted 7 Grain) spinach and avocado would add nutrients into this delicious dish and you'll be a bit less guilty. By adding Butternut squash to this waffle recipe you will create a much healthier version of it and your kitchen will be filled with the delicious aroma of the autumn and winter time time.
Finish it up by adding pure maple syrup o fresh whipped cream! It will be a hit! These gluten free pancakes are super delicious and nutritious. We recommend not to over mix them so the more lumps the better the turn out. You can serve them with your favorite fruit and pure maple syrup! YUM YUM! From the ancient Ayurveda tradition (a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing that has its origins in the Vedic culture of India) comes this adaptation of one of the country's most popular Tea recipes. It is sweet and mild in flavor and it can be enjoyed cold and shared as a gift when packed in small cute Masson Jars! Buy your spices from a reputable vendor and make sure they are high quality in order to create a spice mix that is vibrant and has a long time aroma! Join us for our next Indian Adult Cooking Class at The Real Food Academy and learn how to make this and more suculent dishes! This variation of the classic PB&J sandwich is going out for those gourmands with severe Peanut allergy and for the parents that want to pack the classic sandwich in their kids school lunch boxes but are advised against it by their Peanut Free School(we serve a couple of them.) Peanut allergy is life threatening, I know because my son was born with this allergy and had never tried PB&J for the obvious reasons. The day that I made him his first SB&J sandwich his first reaction was- "where has this Sunbutter been all my life?(LOL). Now we keep a jar in the cupboard and serves as a good replacement for Peanut butter in most of my family recipes. BTW- this is such an easy recipe that even a four years old can make it! We are getting ready for our warm South Florida Spring and Summer with this cool snack (it can very well be a breakfast or dessert). Chia seeds, cocoa, fresh berries and coconut come together for a naturally sweetened gluten free delight! Spring break has arrived to South Florida and with it visiting friends and family. Having a full house involves large breakfasts menus and we have decided to share this one with all of you since is one of our favorites.  It takes about an hour to make and it can be refrigerated for a few days and reheated at service time.

You can make individual servings on a muffin tray (just make sure you are using a good quality mold) or a springform pan.

Tip: don't just serve this baby for breakfast, it can also be served for brunch, lunch or dinner! Use it as a side and serve it with salad, ratatouille or baked sweet potatoes! I had the opportunity of serving this Smoothie on our last presentation at Macy's Dadeland Mall as part of their event "Breakfast at Macy's" (a remake of the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's). Everyone was fascinated with its flavor but most importantly, with the fact that adding Spinach and Avocado to a breakfast smoothie can improve the lasting feel of being nourished and energized throughout the morning. This is a simple recipe to make and it takes away the decision making of what to have for breakfast when you are in a hurry. Throw everything into the blender and go! You'll be satisfied for hours!!! chocolate breakfast cookies These cookies are perfect for "on the run".  Make them the night before and have them for breakfast.  take to the office and have them for an afternoon snack.  It has a minimal amount of sugar (use honey or maple syrup). You can use Carob Nibs instead of the chocolate chips and reduce the sugar content.  This cookies are perfect to feed your kids for breakfast! They will love them! The following is a quick snack that even the little ones can make on their own! Whole wheat tortilla, rich sunflower butter, bananas and cocoa powder come together for a snack, breakfast or dessert. There are so many variations to this recipe, we will let you decide and share which is your favorite. Some suggestions include; almond butter, Kosher chocolate spread, crushed nuts for topping or even small pieces of fruit as part of the filling. Enjoy!

Ratatouille Casserole

  The french dish Ratatouille is a variation of similar dishes from the mediterranean, you can have it as a main or side dish, for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  At The Real Food Academy, we like this dish not only for its rich taste but also because is nutritous and  fun to make!  Kids and adults like building this casserole style dish either family style or in ramekins. In the instructions, you will find terms such as concasse and chiffonade, these are technical terms for peeled and seeded tomatoes and thinlly sliced herbs. Follow the notes in the recipe so you can concasse your fresh tomatoes to perfection and chiffonade your basil like a pro! Bon appetite! Enough with feeding your kids or yourself with store-bought cookies! If you look at the label,  you can find many ingredients that are not necessarily what you want them to have(or that you might not even recognize!) Here is the solution:  Dates, sun butter, oats and fruit preserves come together to form a most delish raw cookie with REAL ingredients. Kids and adults will absolutely come for seconds on this one. If you are a chocolate lover, you can add about 2 teaspoons of cocoa to the mix. Don't forget to top them with fresh berries such as raspberries. What's best is that you are skipping on the enriched processed flour, the added sugar, preservatives, artificial coloring and other fake ingredients that have little or no nutrition and that you want to avoid at all cost! Last Sunday I had the opportunity of making breakfast for my parents and wanted to try out this light version with them(they dont know it but they have been my Guinea Pigs for years!) It was a hit! Almost every country has a version of it and we wanted to come up with a lighter version for our fans. Use Sprouted or Gluten Free Bread, free range Eggs and real Maple syrup. Give it a more international twist by  adding some local fresh fruit as a side!     The Indo version of Pancakes! Packed with Iron and Potassium, you can top these cakes with chocolate chips or fresh fruits! No need for syrup, they are moist, sweet and simply scrumptious! Have a crisp and fresh breakfast! This quick, raw oatmeal and fruits recipe can be prepared up to an hour before serving. Build it in Mason Jars, use any fruits, seeds or nuts available and take it on the go! If you are trying to cut down your dairy or your sugar- this recipe is for you! Keep your super ripe bananas in the freezer, throw them in your blender or food processor, add some non-dairy milk, some cocoa powder and boom - Enjoy your homemade ice cream!! 10-ingredient vegan pancakes with all the flavor of a ginger cookie and the tenderness of a morning pancakes! Yum!!!! A very easy to make recipe for moist, delicious breakfast or snack muffins. Easy grab and go breakfast! This simple recipe is kids approved! You can add lettuce, avocado, salsa and grilled veggies for a stronger version that will keep you going all morning long!   Another recipe that was a hit on our "Breakfast at Macy's" event this past week. These quiches are filled with protein and flavor. As I was cooking the filling for them more and more people approached the kitchen trying to peek into what was cooking. You can always skip the turkey sausage and add some Shitake mushrooms for that earthy flavor. Spray some Truffle oil on top so you can take it onto the next level! Oatmeal, bananas and pancakes for breakfast, all at once! You will be surprised by the sweetness and heartiness of this recipe, better yet, Ill keep you going all morning. OK, I know...  your kids love Pop-Tarts!  So did I when I was a kid. We all know that if your kids love Pop-Tarts your kids are going to eat Pop Parts. Right? My question to you is; have you ever looked at the ingredients in Kellogg's  Pop Tarts? You don't have to be a scientist to compare the ingredients below to the ingredients in the Kellogg's product to know which one is more healthy for your child.  At the Real Food Academy, we say "We Don't Change the Dish, We Change The Ingredients" and this home made recipe is a perfect example why!
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