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Not only these macaroons are addictive but they are GOOD for you. Adding quinoa will add lots of nutrients, that normally you wont find in the traditional recipe. You will be amazed how delicious these are. Using the Greek cream cheese and yogurt in this recipe will create a much silkier, soft and healthier result. Add this delicious frosting to any cupcakes and you'll have some happy friends and family. These cooking are loaded with super foods like; Matcha Green Tea that is packed with antioxidants which boosts metabolism and burns calories and is also rich in fiber and vitamin C. It prevents disease, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar.  It has Coconut Oil that can help you burn more fat, kills harmful microorganisms and improves blood cholesterol levels. You'll also notice that there's very little sugar used in this recipe and we use oat and garbanzo flour.  Therefore, they're gluten free! Perfect to accompany them with a nice glass of Almond milk! Make this fun and super delicious and super nutritious snacks for school or perfect during the holidays! Good for ALL AGES! He's sure to melt when you serve him some of these yummy holiday treats. Use your imagination for the decorating, or involve the kids! You'll be surprised how moist and delicious this vegan recipe is. We have made it on and on during our kids cooking camps and they love the outcome. Most often I've been asked how can avocado be used for frosting? If you think about, avocado has a very subtle taste, a creamy texture that combined with the cocoa powder, vanilla extract and the maple syrup you will have a delicious and healthy frosting. For best results, make sure you will refrigerate it before using. This recipe is a cross from a cinnamon roll and an apple pie. It's low in sugar and you could substitute the regular pie crust for a gluten free one, found in a health food store.
We prepared this recipe in our cooking school during a kids class, and everyone had so much fun rolling out the dough and placing the cinnamon mixture on the pie log then cutting them into circles. It was for sure a hit! We are getting ready for our warm South Florida Spring and Summer with this cool snack (it can very well be a breakfast or dessert). Chia seeds, cocoa, fresh berries and coconut come together for a naturally sweetened gluten free delight! The following is a quick snack that even the little ones can make on their own! Whole wheat tortilla, rich sunflower butter, bananas and cocoa powder come together for a snack, breakfast or dessert. There are so many variations to this recipe, we will let you decide and share which is your favorite. Some suggestions include; almond butter, Kosher chocolate spread, crushed nuts for topping or even small pieces of fruit as part of the filling. Enjoy! Enough with feeding your kids or yourself with store-bought cookies! If you look at the label,  you can find many ingredients that are not necessarily what you want them to have(or that you might not even recognize!) Here is the solution:  Dates, sun butter, oats and fruit preserves come together to form a most delish raw cookie with REAL ingredients. Kids and adults will absolutely come for seconds on this one. If you are a chocolate lover, you can add about 2 teaspoons of cocoa to the mix. Don't forget to top them with fresh berries such as raspberries. What's best is that you are skipping on the enriched processed flour, the added sugar, preservatives, artificial coloring and other fake ingredients that have little or no nutrition and that you want to avoid at all cost! For all those Football lovers here is a sweet treat that will knock your socks off! Once you learn how to decorate these Strawberries you can play around and try your own decorated fruit versions. There are over 400 varieties of Mangoes, most of them are available in the summer time. Rich in vitamin C, A and B6, these sweet fruits are delicious on desserts, sauces and even mixed into cooked rice(Thailand makes an awesome Rice and Mango dish!) The following Sorbet recipe is easy, just make sure that your Mango is ripe enough to be sweet and cut it in small pieces before you freeze it. Serve with shaved Coconut meat, fresh berries or even an Almond Biscotti. Cranberry coolies This cookies are a perfect holiday gift.  They are moist and full of flavor.  What a better way to show appreciation than baking cookies for someone you love! Nothing beats Hot Cocoa on a cold night! Be guilt free with this healthy variation of a Holiday favorite, the cocoa and cinnamon are packed with antioxidants and you can always spice it up with an extra dash of chili powder! Fresh raw vegan Key Lime Pie will have your guests raving! Have all of the benefits of the raw Cashews, fresh Limes and Coconut Oil for dessert! I saw this recipe on and I was blown away!  I'm sure that this one will become a very popular dish here at the academy for kids and adults.  This is fun to make and super delicious.  This recipe calls for puff pastry but stayed tuned for a re-made healthier version of it.  Enjoy it for now!! Apple empanadasA perfect dessert for the fall. Making this Apple Empanadas can be a perfect activity to do with your kids.  Make sure you cool down the filling before assembling your delicious sweet turnovers.  You can use store bought dough rounds or make your the one included in this recipe. Moist, tangy, flavor-full, mouthwatering cupcakes! This is the best way to describe these babies. Guilt free and light strawberry cupcakes, this is the perfect recipe for mini shortcakes. If you are trying to cut down your dairy or your sugar- this recipe is for you! Keep your super ripe bananas in the freezer, throw them in your blender or food processor, add some non-dairy milk, some cocoa powder and boom - Enjoy your homemade ice cream!! A very easy to make recipe for moist, delicious breakfast or snack muffins.

Matza Bark Layers

This sweet and fun desert can perfect for Passover.  Kids love creating so this is a perfect proyet for the entire family.

If you are looking for a healthy recipe for cupcakes you are in the right place! Following our slogan "We don't change the dish, we change the ingredients" this recipe uses palm sugar and organic, unbleached flour for a more nutritional choice. You can decorate them with fruits such as berries, kiwis or our low fat cream cheese frosting. This winning recipe will be featured in our next event on Macy's Dadeland Mall, March 28th at 2:00 pm. We will be decorating Cupcakes and Easter Eggs- come join us! It's hot. You want a dessert that is raw, guilt free and will cool you down. Need to say no more! Make this recipe and keep it in your freezer for up to a month. Surprise friends and family by bringing this fabulous cheesecake to your next gathering, they'll love you! Try using organic ingredients for extra nutrition! If you are looking for a winning recipe here it is! These cookies are a hit among kids and adults, make sure you measure the amount of mix for each cookie with a ice cream scooper so all of them cook evenly. Store them in a jar, the'll keep fresh for a longer period of time. This recipe takes a little bit of time to make but it's worth the wait! You can also make extra tarts, seal the in bags and freeze them for later use. Let your palate and imagination guide you and add your favorite fruits to the recipe. My recommendation is always to buy local, seasonal & organic fruits. Basically, you avoid unknown chemicals and most important, the fruit is at its best when in season. These babies were the surprise of the weekend. At The Real Food Academy our Chef Maria is an expert in changing the ingredients on dishes and this one is a hit! Parents and kids were asking us for this recipe and now here it is!!! If you can't get your kids to have a hearty breakfast, don't worry. Make them a Breakfast Ice Cream packed with Super Foods! They will be jumping with good energy that will last all day! This powerful breakfast-dessert can be for the entire family.  When making it for adults, you can add your favorite powders, protein, maca, spirulina, super green food, etc. Easy to make, this gluten free recipe will have your guest guessing the secret ingredient-black beans! Rich in protein, the beans substitute the flour creating a gluten free delicacy for everyone. When you look at the ingredients in this recipe, you won't feel guilty about having more than one! Remember, at the Real Food Academy, "We Don't Change the Dish, We Change the Ingredients" I made this one at a kids event for 2 to 5 year old's thinking it would be and great hit.  Well it definitely was.  But you know who freaked out more than the kids?....That's right, the Mom's and Dad's!  The nice part about this dessert is that the base is made from avocado.  We all know how good avocado is for us, right?  Oh, and don't worry, I have not yet met the person who will even believe there is avocado in this dish, never mind the entire base!  Another one that's simple to make.  Enjoy!  Chef Maria OK, I know...  your kids love Pop-Tarts!  So did I when I was a kid. We all know that if your kids love Pop-Tarts your kids are going to eat Pop Parts. Right? My question to you is; have you ever looked at the ingredients in Kellogg's  Pop Tarts? You don't have to be a scientist to compare the ingredients below to the ingredients in the Kellogg's product to know which one is more healthy for your child.  At the Real Food Academy, we say "We Don't Change the Dish, We Change The Ingredients" and this home made recipe is a perfect example why! This dessert is. gluten-free, grain-free. refined sugar-free and vegan! This dessert is not as simple to make as some of our others but I promise you it will be worth it. You will swear this dish is loaded with cream but there's not even one drop!  This is honestly one of my all time favorites.  Please leave your comments below and let us all know how it came out.  Chef Maria If you're looking for a delicious dessert that's Gluten Free...look no further!  More and more of my students are looking for gluten free foods; so we decided try the "Fudgy Gluten Free Brownie" at a recent Saturday class. All I can say is WOW!  Gluten free products are becoming more available everyday, but finding a great Gluten Free dessert can be a challenge.  Try this one with your kids! You’ll be so surprised how much your kids will love these cookies.  Even though they are made with pumpkin puree, they are also made with 2 of my favorite ingredients;  coconut palm sugar (available in our store) and coconut oil (excellent for your health)…Chef Maria
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