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There are over 400 varieties of Mangoes, most of them are available in the summer time. Rich in vitamin C, A and B6, these sweet fruits are delicious on desserts, sauces and even mixed into cooked rice(Thailand makes an awesome Rice and Mango dish!) The following Sorbet recipe is easy, just make sure that your Mango is ripe enough to be sweet and cut it in small pieces before you freeze it. Serve with shaved Coconut meat, fresh berries or even an Almond Biscotti. Cranberry coolies This cookies are a perfect holiday gift.  They are moist and full of flavor.  What a better way to show appreciation than baking cookies for someone you love!
There is no Nutrition Label for this recipe yet.
Nothing beats Hot Cocoa on a cold night! Be guilt free with this healthy variation of a Holiday favorite, the cocoa and cinnamon are packed with antioxidants and you can always spice it up with an extra dash of chili powder! Fresh raw vegan Key Lime Pie will have your guests raving! Have all of the benefits of the raw Cashews, fresh Limes and Coconut Oil for dessert! I saw this recipe on and I was blown away!  I'm sure that this one will become a very popular dish here at the academy for kids and adults.  This is fun to make and super delicious.  This recipe calls for puff pastry but stayed tuned for a re-made healthier version of it.  Enjoy it for now!! Apple empanadasA perfect dessert for the fall. Making this Apple Empanadas can be a perfect activity to do with your kids.  Make sure you cool down the filling before assembling your delicious sweet turnovers.  You can use store bought dough rounds or make your the one included in this recipe. Moist, tangy, flavor-full, mouthwatering cupcakes! This is the best way to describe these babies. Guilt free and light strawberry cupcakes, this is the perfect recipe for mini shortcakes. If you are trying to cut down your dairy or your sugar- this recipe is for you! Keep your super ripe bananas in the freezer, throw them in your blender or food processor, add some non-dairy milk, some cocoa powder and boom - Enjoy your homemade ice cream!! A very easy to make recipe for moist, delicious breakfast or snack muffins.

Matza Bark Layers

This sweet and fun desert can perfect for Passover.  Kids love creating so this is a perfect proyet for the entire family.

If you are looking for a healthy recipe for cupcakes you are in the right place! Following our slogan "We don't change the dish, we change the ingredients" this recipe uses palm sugar and organic, unbleached flour for a more nutritional choice. You can decorate them with fruits such as berries, kiwis or our low fat cream cheese frosting. This winning recipe will be featured in our next event on Macy's Dadeland Mall, March 28th at 2:00 pm. We will be decorating Cupcakes and Easter Eggs- come join us!
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