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This easy and delicious egg and vegetables frittata recipe is a perfect dish to serve for brunch in addition to the rest of goodies, like waffles or pancakes. If you have kids, you can involve them into the making as we know how much they love to crack eggs! This mix of greens and superfoods can become part of a wrap a side or a meal on its own. You can top it with baked pieces of tofu, fish or chicken breast. Make it for dinner, take it to the office or a picnic and you will be replenishing your body with REAL foods that will give you nutrients and energy. Note: We like to keep the tomatoes, cucumber and feta on the side until the time of service so our greens stay crunchy.

Ratatouille Casserole

  The french dish Ratatouille is a variation of similar dishes from the mediterranean, you can have it as a main or side dish, for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  At The Real Food Academy, we like this dish not only for its rich taste but also because is nutritous and  fun to make!  Kids and adults like building this casserole style dish either family style or in ramekins. In the instructions, you will find terms such as concasse and chiffonade, these are technical terms for peeled and seeded tomatoes and thinlly sliced herbs. Follow the notes in the recipe so you can concasse your fresh tomatoes to perfection and chiffonade your basil like a pro! Bon appetite!


This super crispy recipe of chicken tenders can made with or without the tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

When are little chefs from TRFA prepare this recipes, we know that there will be NO LEFTOVERS!

Lentil  Meatballs! This is one of our favorite recipes at The Real Food Academy. The first time we rolled it out on  a Saturday Cooking Class, the kids where a little apprehensive due to the fact that they where mixing lentils and oats, one of them even said that it was weird to mix the "lentils from their grandmas soup and the oats from the morning breakfast" (LOL!) To their surprise(not mine), the meatballs where delicious and they in fact ate them all! I have used this recipe for meatless meatballs in subs, tacos(exchange the marinara for fresh taco salsa) and alone as part of the dishes in a cocktail party. By omitting the meat and serving this recipe with Raw Zucchini spaghetti your are serving a light and flavorful "pasta" dish that  is rich in iron, Lycopene  and beneficial enzymes. At The Real Food Academy, we came up with this hearty version for the "cold" days ahead. You can always make your own Pasta or exchange the homemade pasta for sheets made out of Eggplant or  Zucchini in order to make this recipe Gluten Free! Serve it with our Warm Kale Antipasto Salad and Caramelized sweet plantains for a flavorful twist. Just made this recipe last night for our Adult Cooking class and it was a hit! The aroma of the Lobster pre-cooking in the oven was the omen of a good meal, the smell of the Brandy reducing into the shallots and the taste of the fortified stock had us smiling since the beginning. Like all good things, Risotto takes time and this recipe is well worth the waiting! Read the notes underneath on how to fortify your stock  and how to precook your Risotto so you can prepare it at least a day ahead(good idea for parties). Also, calculate about 1/2 cup of uncooked Arborio per person so you don't end up with too much left over. When having leftover Risotto, you can always form the cold mix  into patties and cook them on a skillet on low heat for 5 minutes(make sure you cook both sides of the patty).  You can also place the mix in a cupcake baking pan(fill only 1/2 of each cupcake), top it with shaved Parmesan and cook at 350 F until golden brown! BTW! If you are in the Miami area or are planning to visit and would like to try our Adult Cooking Classes check out the menus under the Adult Cooking Classes tab and book your class today! See you soon! vegetable-lasagnaThis vegetable Lasagna will keep you coming for more. The different combination of veggies, tomato sauce, ricotta cheese and Bechamel sauce makes it a perfect dish! This rich vegetarian recipe can be served over pasta, zucchini noodles and even brown rice! At The Real Food Academy, we choose to serve it with Zucchini raw noodles, this way we get all the benefits of the enzymes in the raw summer squash. We have turned many children into vegetable lovers by working with this cool little gadget. Once they make their noodles or ribbons they just cant help but having lots of  them! Remember, use organic vegetables for this and all your recipes. Enjoy! BTW- The Spiralizer is available at our shop. For those of you the have never seen it in action here is  a short fun video ;


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