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6th bday party

The real food academy was a great experience for both kids and adults. They took care of everything and even offered good healthy food options for the party. We loved making pasta and decorating cupcakes. Would definitely recommend for a bday or any celebration. Kudos to the staff for their patience and great service.
- Flor Lemke


The kids had the best time! Majority had never been there and not only did they love it, the parents were super impressed! To top it off, Chef Isa was great with the kids and helping myself get organized!
- Lyla

Birthday Party

Very happy with the service!! My daughter and her friends were excited and she did enjoy the experience! Parents also had a good time.
- Natasha

Petr Kovalev

A smooth organization and accompaniment of the party, kids and their parents got a lot of joy and fun!
- Petr

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My daughter's 4th birthday was an amazing experience! Food was yummy and all the children had a wonderful time making their food.
- Rokeshia Renné Ashley

Unique Family Experience

We were debating on what to do during these pandemic times so that our daughter may have a nice experience on her birthday. We made an excellent choice with The Real Food Academy. From planning through the actual event, everything was properly thought out, hosted and executed. Art and Maria were welcoming and patient as we set out to socially distance 19 guests per family unit. I couldn't ask for a more memorable experience for my daughter's 9th birthday. The adults had just as much fun as the kids! From start to finish, it was actually her favorite birthday to date! Thanks RFA Team!
- Karla Judith Ramos

10th Magical Birthday

My daughter’s 10th bday was celebrated at The Real Food Academy, and let me just say, it was MAGICAL INDEED! Art, Maria, and the rest of the staff were AMAZING! They made all of our guests feel safe (covid measures were adhered to and followed) and comfortable as well as pampered and treated as 5 star guests! The girls had a blast making their pasta and garlic bread and truly worked off their pasta calories with a great Zumba workout and dance party! The Real Food Academy was the BEST way to celebrate our precious girl.
- Leslie


- Yohandy and Pedro Villar

Madison's 11th Birthday

My Daughter's birthday was so much fun and so specials. All the kids had a great time learning to make pizza. Our instructor and hosts Isa and Alan were very attentive and great. Would recommend this to anyone looking for a kids birthday party!
- Tanya Vega

Kid’s birthday Party

We celebrated our daughter’s 8th Birthday at Real Food Academy. It was such pleasant experience. Arthur was very entertaining and engaging with children. Kids had so much fun making pizza!They all loved every minute of it. Thank you! Now we will be back for adults cooking classes.
- Dilyara Kudrinas

Great birthday

We celebrated our daughter’s 8th birthday and it was great . Everyone had a great time, Arthur, Maria and the staff were great and the kids LOVED eating what they prepared.
- Gily Kotler

Best Birthday Ever!

My daughter was super happy with her birthday she had a blast . Arthur and Maria were very nice with them .
- Debi

Lucas's 3th birthday Unforgettable birthday party

Unforgettable birthday party celebrating our son's 3th yo. everything was great , had a lot of fun as a family activity. We really loved the place and everything. thanks a lot Chefs Arthur and Maria Cummis
- jehnny azrak

The Best Experience!

I am so glad that I was able to come across this wonderful place. Cannot mention one single thing I didn’t like about this experience. Planning a small party or big, a truly professional team ensures that everything is going smoothly and kids having a wonderful time. Special thanks to Chef Arthur and Chef Maria, your efforts are priceless!
- Emese Orgovanyi

Best Party Ever

I celebrated my 10 yo daughter with 17 of her friends. The girls had a wonderful time, they ejoyed every minute of the party and after that day I got compliments from the girl’s moms for how original the party was and that they had a lot of fun.
- Carol

Best Birthday!

My daughter loved her bday party with real food cooking and the direction of Chef Arthur. It was amazing! Girls had a great time! Cant wait to be back for adult classes!
- Juliana Senior

Best Birthday Venue

Celebrating our son’s 5th birthday at The Real Food Academy was one of the most memorable celebrations for both him, us and the family + friends who joined. The space is beautiful and Chef Art is the nicest! The entire staff made us feel at home. Too birthday spot for all ages.
- Brette

Kids birthday party

Olivia and her friends had an amazing time at her birthday party at the Real Food Academy. The staff was so helpful and made sure all the kids were enjoying themselves. The Real Food Academy was very professional, always having the next activity ready to go so no kids were waiting around. The music and balloons made it a fun and inviting environment. The food for the adults was delicious as well! We would have another party here in a heartbeat! Great job!
- Jackie Ermer

Amazing Party Venue

Chef Maria and Arthur were fantastic. They were oriented to detail, easy to work with, and made sure everyone had a wonderful time and enjoyed the experience. My daughter and her friends had fun cooking in an interactive environment. The display of food was beautiful and tasty. Thank you for everything.
- Melissa Noya

Fun for all!

The kids had a great time, the parents were free to do as they wished, and everyone was thrilled to have been part of this great experience. Thank you! The one thing i noticed, which was minor, was at times the kids were paying attention, but the adults were loud and would at time drown out the speaker some. Sound could be improved, not for the music but for the instructions and guidance. That is all! Thanks again!
- Cassandra

it was a complete hit

Our daughter said “she LOVED her party” and we had so many parents rave about the experience. We are completely satisfied and very hAppy to have celebrated at your location. Everyone in your staff was receptive and friendly. Thanks again for a fantastic memory
- Leda Jones

Very Positive

All the parents and kids loved their time at my daughter's birthday. The staff went above and beyond to make sure things were perfect.
- anita johal

Excellent experience!

What an amazing experience! My daughter said, it was the best birthday party ever! All of her friends and their parents really enjoyed the party as well. Chef Arthur and the staff worked so well with all the children and made the party so great. We will definitely be back!
- Waleska


Great experience! Loved the place and the party! Kids were entertained the entire time!
- Nicole Rainis

The best party for kids AND adults!

The best party for kids AND adults! We celebrated our daughters birthday with tons of friends and family. The children were engaged from the time they walked in and the adults got to enjoy themselves. Amazing service from Chef Maria and Arthur. Thank you for an unforgettable time.
- Alejandro C.

The best party for kids AND for adults

We celebrated our daughter's 5th birthday with 41 of her 5 year-old friends AND 67 adults. I was hesitant at first with 41 5 year old, yet the children were engaged since the minute they arrived. They had activity after activity planned and they never left the table while they created their custom pizzas and decorated their cupcakes. The adults got to sit back, enjoy themselves and watch all the fun happen. Our favorite part of the party was the passing of the microphone where every child shares a birthday wish for the birthday girl. It was sweet to hear the children's honesty, their love and their inclusion for all their friends. Amazing service from Chef Maria and Arthur.
- Alex Castrillo & Alex Lam


You guys gave my daughter the best party!!!!
- Soneta Fliderman

"Highly Recommend"

Awesome place!!! Highly recommended!!!
- Claudia M Perez

Everything was more than expected

Adults and kids enjoyed the party equally. Well done.
- carmen pujante


Loved it!
- Paola Sverzut

We have a great time !!!

Thanks Maria, last Saturday we have a great time!! Sophia Benzi was so happy with her birthday party and also all the guest. I definetly recommend it!!!!
- Luciana

We couldn't be happier!!!!

Everything about this party is AWSOME!!! This is our second party and everyone was thrilled! Great place, great food, great service. We felt at home. I definetly recommend it!!!!
- Monica

Great experience

I’m so glad of celebrating my son’s birthday at The real food academy . Kids had really fun and enjoyed much. They spent an spectacular day! Thanks to all staff...
- Annia


Good place good party. Kids was happy.


The birthday party for Isabella was amazing. Everything was wonderful, including the service, menu and the great people from the Real Food academy. The feedback from all that participated was also all positive. Thank you so much for everything.
- Carla


All I can say is what an amazing time my daughter had with her friends cooking with such a great team at at the Food Academy. I will be highly recommending this experience to all my friends who want to do something different and special for their children on their birthday.
- Monica

Fun for kids and adults!

My daughter and her friends had an amazing time. Very interactive and engaging. The kids wanted to stay longer!! The parents loved the concept and the adult platters were delicious.
- Helen Lee

Outstanding Service

Thank you Maria, my daughter had an amazing birthday party and all the guests loved the experience. Arthur did a great job entertaining the kids and keep them busy. Outstanding service, THANK YOU!
- Juliana


We had a wonderful experience. This was our first time at The Real Food Academy and we will definitely return.
- Marisa


Great experience and food! Thank you!
- Carla Gomez


very interesting and for kids and for adults!!! very delicious food!!! nice location and facility!!!
- selena

Adults platters delicious!!

Great birthday party for my 10 year old daughter. Adults platters delicious!!
- Natalie P.

"..fantasic party at any age"

We loved the party! the details! the attention from the owners very personalized! kids enjoyed! and i think your venue is a great option for a fantastic party at any age! we loved it
- Judith Hofman

"..guests had a great time."

Chef Arthur was fantastic and did such a great job managing the kids (even when they got a bit hyped up on sugar). Lina had a wonderful birthday and all of the guests had a great time. Thank you again for a great event!
- Lauren Fairbanks

"..absolutely amazing"

The event was absolutely amazing. The kids were highly engaged. I love that the pasta was done from scratch. The place was immaculate and all around it was an amazing party. I would definitely come back! Thank you!
- Lauren

"You keep them engaged and having fun.."

The girls had a wonderful birthday thanks to you guys! Chef Arthur, you have an amazing calm in working with kids. You keep them engaged and having fun but very organized and orderly at the same time. Thank you again!
- Michelle Garcia

Great Class!

Great Class. Great Food!
- Liza Diaz

"They had so much fun..."

My daughter celebrated 10th birthday there with her girlfriends. They had so much fun cookng and dancing after. Great place, friendly staff. Very happy.
- Dina Haykov

"Stella and all of her friends absolutely LOVED being Chef for the day"

Thank you so much for making Stella's birthday so special. Stella and all of her friends absolutely LOVED being Chef for the day. Maria and Arthur, you both were such a pleasure to work with and were so fantastic with the kids. Looking forward to another sensational party with you for Scarlett.
- Giovanna Hoeflinger

"Absolutely the best birthday party..."

Absolutely the best birthday party my daughter ever had. Thank you all for everything. The staff and everyone was awesome
- Chakita Jackson

Unforgettable birthday

My daughter, Taylor had a great time and enjoyed every minute of her party. It was an unforgettable birthday. You guys were great with kids and adults. Everything was organized and the service was spectacular. You made sure everything was perfect and it was. Hope to come back again. Thank you all so much!!
- Rozana Rodriguez

This was the best party ever

This was the best party ever. Jolie was overjoyed. Chef Genesis and her Assistant were very accommodating and upbeat. Our guests were thoroughly pleased with the facility. Thank you for everything.
- Gersende Louis

Natalija and her friends had a blast!

Dear Chef Maria: Since Natalija had her 8th birthday party with you I have non stop been spreading the word! Natalija and her friends had a blast. Most of all, they actually enjoyed the final products. The pizza on a stick was a hit. You surprised me at the end when you had the "cooking trivia" and the girls won little pink spatulas and pink whisks! That was a wonderful added touch. We look forward to seeing you at your cooking classes in the near future! Thank you!
- Valerie Stojanovic

My guest absolutely enjoyed themselves!

My daughter celebrated her 10th birthday party here. All my guest absolutely enjoyed themselves, all the adults and kids too. Chef Maria and her entire staff made the party super special. What a wonderful place to host your next cooking gathering. Some of my guest plan on hosting an adult party here soon!
- Antoinette Murray

Amazing experience for the girls!

Amazing experience for the girls and for the moms! We loved every moment. What a special place and team you have. Thank you so much!!
- Vanessa Sanz De Acedoc

The Best experience!

I just had my daughter's birthday party at the Real food academy and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Arthur and Maria went above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome and to make sure we all had a good time. Everyone in my party loved it. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone that is looking to have a cooking birthday party.
- Ivis Lopez

I give you guys a 10!

The party was awesome & so were the staff. I celebrated my daughter 10th birthday party their, with a guest of 16 kids. Some of my guest were late Maria & her staff waited for the other guest to arrive. They were very patient, kind, friendly & professional. I absolutely love this place & their staff. This was a good learning experience for kids & adults. I give the real food academy a 10!!!
- Kamora Renard

The Birthday was Amazing!

Meghan's 7th Birthday was amazing! The Chef did an awesome job with the kids as did the assistant chefs. They were super excited to make Fettucine Alfredo and then to eat their own cooking :-) We, adults and kids both, had a great time at the party and we are so glad we came to the Real Food Academy. The addition of Zumba was a great choice. The Zumba instructor, Wendy, was super high energy and she was just great with the kids! The Zumba helped us end our party on a very high note!!! and the kids and parents just had this great release of euphoric energy to end the party in a fantastic way! Honestly, it was the best party yet and all of our guests seemed to also enjoy it! We'll be back for Summer Camp -- with friends! --
- Christine and Michael

The Kids had so much Fun!

We had my daughter's 6th birthday party there and the kids had so much fun! Chef Arthur kept them entertained and let them play and giggle while they got their hands dirty. Now a lot of the parents want to have a grown ups night out there soon! Thanks so much for making this the easiest party I've thrown! Diana D.
- Diana D.

Everything was Perfect!

Thank you so much for organizing a FANTASTIC and AMAZING BDAY party for Emilie. Everything was perfect!!! This BDAY party will always be for her a magical day to remember. Memories will stay on her heart forever. "The Real Food Academy" is a fun place to have a birthday party. Our experience was GREAT! Many thanks to Chef Maria and Chef Arthur.
- Leyda

All the kids and parents had a blast!

Thank you so much for the fabulous party that went beyond expectations! All the kids and parents had a blast! Stacey Z.
- Stacey Z.

Excellent Organization!

My daughter celebrated her 10th birthday party here. All my guest absolutely enjoyed themselves, all the adults and kids too. Chef Maria and her entire staff made the party super special. What a wonderful place to host your next cooking gathering. Some of my guest plan on hosting an adult party here soon. Antoinette M.
- Antoinette M.

The kids enjoyed every minute

We just celebrated our daughters 5 year old birthday with. Chef Maria and Chef Arthur at the Real Food Academy. Best party ever, the kids enjoyed every minute as study made their own pizzas and decorated their own cupcakes. I would highly recommend this venue for kid or adult parties.
- Laurie D.

Sammy LOVED his party!

My little boy had a fantastic cooking party at the Real Food Academy! All of his guests had a tun of fun cooking and eating, and we got so much positive feedback from his guests and their parents, who really appreciated the experience. Chef Maria and Chef Cindy were so kind and helpful. They accommodated his little sister's food allergy so well that none of the pint-sized guests even realized they were eating something gluten-free (pizza on a stick). It was also cool to watch kids who normally don't like vegetables eating their veggie sushi rolls because they'd made them themselves! The goodie-bags were wonderful, too. Sammy LOVED his party. :D
- Sammy's Mom

The Best Party!

Dear Chef Maria, I just wanted to thank you and your staff for an amazing birthday party for Juliet. The word, “best” kept coming up to describe everyone’s experience that day - Juliet said the pasta and garlic bread she made with you was the “best” she’s ever eaten. And, I was getting text messages from moms telling me how their daughters said it was the “best” birthday party they’ve ever attended. All 15 girls looked so adorable in their hats and aprons, and it was wonderful how each one of them participated in the hands-on experience of making homemade pasta and garlic bread from scratch. Now they appreciate how hard we moms work in the kitchen! And the cupcake decorating portion really brought out their creative juices. The party ran so smoothly without a hitch from beginning to end, making my job a breeze so I was able to enjoy Juliet’s special day with her. So, again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making Juliet’s 9th birthday such a memorable one!
- The Burks Family

Thanks for making it memorable!

Hi Ms. Maria, I wanted to thank you and your wonderful staff for making Gianna’s birthday so perfect and special. All the kids enjoyed themselves from beginning to end. The pictures came out beautiful with everyone in their chef hats and aprons. They loved making the pizza and the fruit skewers. By the way, the pizza was incredible. The other moms were saying “nothing like homemade pizza”. I loved the way everything was presented and organized. In addition, I thought it was great that you spoke of cleanliness and safety. I asked Gianna what her favorite part and she could not narrow it down to just one thing …she enjoyed it all !!! Thank you once again for making my daughter’s 8th birthday a memorable one.
- The De La O Family
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