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Little Chef in the Making!

Our 9 year old son has been eager to participate in the kitchen, but my lack of patience and willingness to accept the mess and mistakes made it very difficult. Summer Camp at the RFA has given him the skills, discipline and creativity to flourish. After each day, he’s excited to share with us what he learned and always brings back delicious treats for us to try. This weekend he offered to help me in the kitchen and I could already Notice a big difference in his approach. Our little Chef in the making, we are so proud!
- Julie Milroy

She had an awesome beautiful day!

Hi! I just wanted to let you guys know that my daughter Kaya attended your camp for the first time today. She's 14. Being a teen, she's sometimes hard to please. I picked her up at 3pm AND SHE HAD THE BIGGEST SMILE ON HER FACE. SHE HAD AN AWESOME BEAUTIFUL DAY. Looking forward to the week. Wish there was more. Just wanted to thank you so much. <3
- Yamit Lemoine

My Boys Loved this Camp!

My two boys, 7 and 8, had a great time at the Real Food Cooking Camp! Each day they were excited to learn what they'd be cooking. They learned about nutrition and had fun getting hands on with food. I hope to be able to send them again in the future!
- Andrea Lopez

He was eager to cook for the family every day.

My son attended summer camp at the Real Food Academy. He had a great time learning cooking essentials, meeting new friends, and trying new foods. He was eager to cook for the family every day. We would definitely try it again! Thank you
- Jessica Ceballos

My 13 y/o loved it!

I was skeptical with COVID but they followed the rules very well and plenty of space for social distancing! My 13 y/o attended this camp and loved it. It was a great combination of very good food, technique, great Camp leaders and knowledge on nutrition. She is now correcting me on knife technique. She is going back in a couple of weeks for more! Thank you so much!
- Julia Santeliz


My 9 year old son absolutely loved the experience. He wishes he could go everyday. Highly recommended!
- Prissila

Great camp!

My daughter enjoyed camp very much and Maria was always available to answer questions and give us feedback. Thank you so much!
- Judith

Awesome Camp

It is an amazing camp, my son attended and he loved every minute of it, he learned many skills while having fun!
- Azin Amirshahi

Amazing camp!

While visiting Miami this summer we signed our son up for camp. He loved it. Always coming home with a goodie he made. Always excited to try and cook it at home. Even starting to make up his own dishes. Thank you for a wonderful camp for our son. Too bad we don’t live here full time.
- K. Willow Ayers

Educational and fun!

My daughter attended camp for one week at the Real Food Academy. She had a great time and learned a lot of new concepts not only about cooking and baking but about nutrition and health. This experience has given her the opportunity to become more independent about her food consumption and to making healthier choices when it comes to food. She now enjoys creating new salads and using fresh and healthy ingredients in her dishes. I highly recommend the experience here!
- Vi

Happy we chose this camp!

My kids are fairly shy and were skeptical. My youngest had no interest to try this camp. But I am happy to say both my sons enjoyed it and came home happy to share about all they learned. It was a great choice and I will sign them up again. Also, good to note it was during Covid times and they were very clean and took the health of the kids seriously.
- Carrie DeCastro

Awesome camp experience

What a pleasant surprise to come across your academy. My daughter Isabella absolutely loved it. Not only do I have a budding chef but now I have somewhere she was so happy and entertained while learning about food and cooking it! The experience has been so wonderful my older daughter is going to take a cooking class at your academy this July. And lastly, thank you for taking COVID-19 concerns so seriously, us moms truly appreciate it. We will definitely see you in the future. Thank you again, Marlene Valdes
- Marlene Valdes

Great learning camp!

My 9 year old daughter loved this camp! She not only learned how to prepare meals, they also teach the kids how to eat right and how to read labels. The only negative is that some of the foods may be TOO healthy for the kids. Its very Vegan style and not many kids like Veggie burgers. My daughter many times did not eat lunch because meals were not very kid friendly. They should be at least 2 choices for lunch meals.
- Berangely Cid

Great time

She had a great time learning ingredients, how they go to get her and the fabulous teachers. She had a wonderful week
- Bob Hetzler

Cooking Camp

This was an amazing experience for Angelina. She learned how to better perfect her cooking skills and in a healthy way. In addition, with all the issues with COVID-19, the camp was professional and safe with regards to taking precaution with our children.
- Michelle Febres

Truly Amazing Summer Camp!

I can't say enough good things about this summer camp. My 11 year old daughter would like to go every week of the summer! She is so excited every day at pick-up to tell me about what they cooked, the creative use of healthy ingredients, the great new friends she made, and the stories from the chefs. This is truly something our family looks forward to every summer and will continue to attend every possible summer!
- Tonia Long

Great summer camp

My daughter loved this summer camp. She got to cook her own breakfast lunch and dessert in a healthy way.
- Linda

Loving Real Food!

Never would I have imagined that our daughter would learn as much as she did in her week at the Real Food Academy! Each day she woke up excited to return. Her awareness of food, preparation, cooking and overall health have improved radically. She's connecting the dots! We couldn't recommend you enough. We'll be back!
- Charles Perez

Wonderful Experience

Great, clean facility! Knowledgeable staff, creative curriculum. Thanks for a wonderful experience!
- Natalie lupolover

Amazing Experience

My 11 year old son had an absolute blast during summer camp, so much so that he wants to go back for another week. The staff at Real Food Academy went out of their way to accommodate his food restrictions and he was still able to participate, cook and bake with modifications. We will be back again!
- Robin D

Summer camp

My daughter loved the class, amazing easy to make recipes and great atmosphere. Thanks!
- Claudia

last week of cooking summer camp

My daughter loved the camp and she really learned a lot. She especially loved learning how to make ravioli. She did mention that some groups had better experiences than others, depending on the confidence level and experience of each "table chef". That was an interesting comment. Also, you used to provide a cookbook for the children at the end of the week - - what happened? We really wanted to recreate some of the yummy things she made, especially the polvorones (Mexican wedding cookies) and the ravioli, of course! Over all, thanks so much for providing a GREAT program for busy parents.
- Laura Maria Rodriguez

We will definitely come back!

Everything about The Real Food Academy is great. The staff, the place, the cleanliness, the recipes, the cafè...Our 5-year-old loved coming here for their Summer Camp. Between cooking and other activities, days hit the perfect balance of life skills and fun. We will definitely come back!
- Francesca W.

Wonderful Camp!

My children, ages 9 and almost 5, really enjoyed the summer camp. The older kids are given the opportunity to meal plan and cook for a "competition" with teammates, and the younger kids are given plenty of assistance to cook. Both of my kids said the food was delicious! We will definitely be back next summer.
- Christine Gay

Great camp experience

My son had a great time at the camp. He learned a lot and really enjoyed himself.
- Lindsey Korbin


My 11 year old son has learn so much that he prepared his father’s birthday dinner. It was delicious.
- Zoe Canobbio

You won't regret it!

My 6 year old son and 8 year old daughter were at a few different camps this summer - this one, The Frost Museum and The Children's Museum. This was by far their favorite. Each day, both kids went into the class excited, and when I picked them up in the afternoon, they were happy and eager to tell me what they did that day. The price of this camp is a bit on the high side but the kids make their own breakfast, snack and lunch each day, so that's a hassle and expense you don't have to worry about. At home, I have noticed that they want to help in the kitchen more and they have become interested in reading food labels and looking for healthy options. And finally, every single time I had a question or concern and called their contact number, the owner, Arthur picked up the phone and addressed my concern. His wife Chef Maria works with the kids. She often followed up in person as well. If you are on the fence, send your kids to this camp. You won't regret it!
- Maryam M.

Amazing camp

This is the best camp my daughter has ever been to. She loves to tell me about the day she has had which as most parents know does not happen often! Thank you for such and amazing program and experience for her!
- Tonia Coomler

Awesome Camp

My two boys, Fabian and Adrian, had a great time and the Real Food Academy summer camp. They really enjoyed arriving to make their own breakfast each morning. They also looked forward to the daily recipes they would be making for lunch. Their favorite day was the day they made cupcakes!
- Maricruz A Lopez

Amazing camp. Love it !!

I really loved the camp and so did my daughter. My only concern is the amount of sugar and carbs (white flour) they are getting. Anyways, i will highly recommend the camp and will probably enroll my daughter in some afterschool activities. Love all the healthy options and how much they are learning.
- Paula Flores

She made great friends. A win win!

My daughter had the best time during camp. She’d come home inspired to try new foods and to experiment with new recipes. She made great friends. A win win!
- Alex Castrillo

Amazing Summer Camp

Rave reviews from my son EVERY day. He said it was the best camp he’s been to and it was really fun. It makes us parents feel so happy and content they are having fun, learning and enjoying their day!
- Yvette Perez

We love your camp!!!

My son loves cooking camp ! He has been cooking at home lately ! Pancakes and omelette! Making us salads ! Thank you for teaching him to live healthy food !
- Alina Muza

Great camp!

My son usually has a hard time waking up in the morning, but we were driving down from plantation and he was getting up on time and excited to go to camp. I definetly recommend this school abs have nothing but great things to say about the staff.
- Giuliano


Lyric, my soon to be 10 year old, loved the experience and her initial week at camp. We’re hoping to have Lyric back for another week.
- Lebron

Best Kids Camp!

My 11 yr old son had the best time! He can't wait to come back. I am going to take the adult classes now too!
- Jodie Blum


Layla loved the Real Food Academy summer camp. She learned to cook and try new things.
- Erica Gerstin


My 12 yr old daughter and 9 yr old son had an amazing time. They truly enjoyed the experience, learned so much and appreciated all the great staff/chefs. Some of the most favorite things they did include making jam, pasta, egg basket and the empanadas. Thank you for a wonderful week. My children decided to go back this summer for more culinary fun!
- Ana Paula Ruano

Kitchen Confidence!

My two girls have been going to the Real Food Camp for many years. It's their favorite camp because it keeps them both very engaged throughout the day. The activities and skills are age-appropriate so it's never boring to continue to come back each year. They discover new foods and meet friends. The owners and chefs are great with the kids and the program is well organized.
- Amber Natale

Amazing Summer Experience!

Skye and Summer had an amazing experience as always at camp. They really enjoy learning how to make delicious food with simple and healthy ingredients. I highly recommend The Real Food Academy!
- Lisa Yero

Love the camp

My son have been interested into cooking for a while but all experiences in classes had been disappointing as he didn’t felt like real cooking (he is just 5yo) with this camp he has felt in love, he is so exited to come every day. For me just the fact that he is eating salad and feeling like trying new dishes is just amazing
- Sonia gonzalez


Zara had a great time cooking . She loved the competition show
- Angelica

Best Summer Camp

My daughter (7) and son (9) have never come home more excited about a camp. They learned so much in one week and the best part was, they tried foods that they normally would not eat and loved them! Looking forward to sending them back.
- Melissa Raposo

Exciting Experience!

Awesome!Luca enjoyed every recipe, preparation, and consumption. He will be back!
- Zoe Canobbio

Excellent, unique camp!

My 10 year old son really enjoyed camp. He loved the hands on cooking and the chef that he worked with, Chef Butler, was great! Everyday, not only was he excited to tell me what he learned and cooked, but he obviously enjoyed working with Chef Butler because he told stories about Chef every day as well. Kudos to Chef Butler for keeping the kids engaged and for encouraging them to feel confident in their skills and abilities! We can't say enough great things about our experience at The Real Food Academy!
- Sharon Deichmann

Loved the mexican food bar.

Zoe enjoyed everything about camp. She made friends right away. Loved the competition and talked a lot about it before the day. Loved the Mexican food bar. Enjoyed the variety of food she prepared. Wants to come back later this summer. We have recommended camp to others.
- Zoe Sivan


Emily loved camp. She learned a lot about nutrition and cooking (and getting along with others) and gained tremendous confidence in the kitchen. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
- Bill Wolk

Great experience

My daughter attended a week of summer camp this year and loved it. It was a great experience for her and she learned a lot about healthy eating.
- Jennifer Okcular


What a fabulous week my daughter had! Fantastic recipes. She wants to return next summer! Great variety for all ! Loved the crepes! Thank you!
- Lorraine

Great time

My son loved it. My daughter is a picky eater so she loved the class but not the food. Maybe incorporate some more child friendly food for the smaller ones.
- Marisol Rodriguez Basulto


this cooking camp is AMAZING. I like all the fun events that we had and I definitely learned how to cook better. It was very nice when we made pancakes,waffles and lots of other things like PIZZA! so overall this camp was very fun and I really like it and definitely want to come back.
- Sienna Sweeney


My daughter spent the week at cooking school and absolutely love it. She learned a lot and had a great time. Thank you for making it such an enjoyable experience. Andrew
- Andrew


My two girls really enjoyed the real food academy! They loved making the food and eating it too! I also really enjoyed the fact you teached about healthy cooking and how many options we have to eat healthy foods!!
- Peggy

Best Summer Camp!!

My 9 year old loved it and states that it’s the best summer camp. She had fun while learning skills in the kitchen. She is more confident and not intimidated by the kitchen tools. She is trying out more kinds of veggies and liked the cucumber with strawberry vinaigrette and zucchini pasta. She is spending another week. Thumbs up to the team!!
- Mary

Awesome Experience

My daughter had a great time. She managed to improve her confidence level and skills. We can't wait for her to go back next year
- Judith Ramos


- Isabella Mathison

Like the class very much

My grand son enjoyed the class and we are planning one for next year
- Arthur

I really recommend it to all parents

My son did a week of their summer camp and he loved it. I really recommend it to all parents. Everyone is really nice. The local is bright, open and always very clean. I know they also have adult classes and do special events. Really a great place and the kids learn healthy alternatives to their favorite foods. Thank you everyone at the real food academy.
- Sandra C.

Organic Experience

My daughter loves your summer camp and I love that she’s eager to be there and to learn how to cook! Your staff is amazing and patient with the kids. Great experience overall.
- Brenda Poo


Both of my kids attended one week of camp and they both enjoyed it greatly. My boy is 9 years old and my daughter 12 and there were activities geared to every age group. My kids learned a lot and loved participating in all the activities.
- Judith Fischer


i loved the camp!

Great camp and inviting atmosphere!

What an awesome week! We were totally impressed and my daughter loved the camp. I recommend this camp to any parent looking for something a little different for his/her child. Also, my daughter is a super picky eater but they got her trying all kinds of new foods and loving them all!
- Zoe Bulgarides

Excellent week for my two girls!

Both of my daughters (ages 5 and 10) had such a nice time.. they loved the staff, the venue and all the recipes. They’d like to do two weeks of Camp next year and go to weekends classes throughout the year.. Thank you Real Food Academy!
- Peggy Penafiel

Excellent! My son loved it

My son had a great time. Everyone is really nice. He specially liked Cheff Saruci. The place is spacous and kept realky clean. Will definaltelly return.
- Sandra Concepcion

The most enjoyable summer camp ever!

My son enjoys every moment at The Real Food Academy.. Thank you to all the staff for being so profesional and dedicated , specially chef Teresa..My child adores her and has spent a good time and have learned a lot here.. I believe that is a very safe place where kids can learn a lot about healthy cooking.My son loves it.. I can not wait to take him again to the camp. Of course,, I’d recommend this camp to anyone!
- Daniel Montenegro


Mis hijas disfrutaron mucho la experiencia
- Carla schonfeld

We love it!

My son spend 1week in the camp, and he loves it every second ! Besides he is a peacky eater , he tried there many new dishes , and ready to cook them at home! We will be back for sure next summer!
- Irina


Cooking at the Real Food Academy is the camp experience my daughter enjoys most!! The staff is wonderful, especially Chef Soluki! Our family looks forward to trying all of the treats she brings home.
- Kelly Fonseca

Best Summer Camp Ever!

Melissa enjoyed SO much this camp that can't wait until next year! Thanks chef Maria for all your work, knowledge and patience with them.
- Jose


My son loved it, he was so excited during the week that he was cooking for us at night. For sure, he wants to do it again !!!
- Ana Alfonzo

"..she learned so much.."

My daughter loves the camp and feels at home, she learned so much about "not changing the recipes but changing the ingredients" Thanks to all the staff, especially Chef Alex! Namaste
- Adriana Albert

I highly recommend your camp!

Hi there, I just wanted to say how much my granddaughter enjoyed the week she spent in your cooking academy camp. I have already sent several of the pictures to some of my friends with a note that I highly recommend your camp for their grandchildren as well. It was so great to find a hands-on camp, suitable for a wide range of ages, which appeals to all, as well as both males and females. My daughter and I are always looking for an indoor camp, and yours just fit every requirement we have. And … I must add, the food prepared was delicious. My granddaughter Caralee is a picky eater, so the fact that she at least tried some of the recipes was just fine with us. No complaints from us at all, and the flip side of this is that I got to sample some of what she ended up bringing home. And everything was SOOOO good! We look forward to coming again. If you have any weeks in session during winter break time for public schools we are certainly interested. One more thing here. Any chance you could open up another location near Miami Lakes? I am quite sure you would do well in that area. Thanks again,
- Susan Gonzalez

My son was thrilled!

This was a first for our son, who was slightly embarrassed to admit his interest in cooking. But, he was thrilled when he found out we signed him up and went eagerly into camp. Upon pick up, he couldn't stop talking about all of the delicious foods he made! He was so enthusiastic and asked if we owned whisks, a cutting board, a food processor?!? Of course we do, but he had never used them before! Each day he brought home samples of the goodies and loved sharing both the "secret" and healthy ingredients in them. By Friday, he had a whole file of recipes and can't wait to make them for our family! This has been one of the absolute BEST experiences he has ever had. We're just sorry we didn't sign him up for Week 2 until it was too late! Thanks for everything :)
- Charlie Kassal

Had a great experience!

Thank you very much Chef Michelle and partner!!!! Our campers and staff had a great experience during your visit. The activities were well prepared according to the camper’s level and expectations. The students had the opportunity to engage and enjoy the recipes. They love the aprons!! See you next summer.
- Amara Condon

The greatest experience!

Hello! My daughter loves the baking and cooking camp. This camp is more than just cooking and baking. It shows them about nutrition and culture cooking. Thank-you and Gracias!!!!
- Cristina Murguia

Excellent camp!

My daughter was truly engaged and excited about the kitchen. She wants to help me all the time and be involved in cooking. She truly learned important kitchen skills and improved her pickiness with food. She is less fussy when trying new things. I will definitely come back next year. The chefs were attentive and friendly. Thank you the Real food academy.
- Talia Romero

My daughter LOVED this camp!!!

My daughter LOVED this camp!!! She learned knife skills and also learned healthy food habits. She was so excited to cook & bake every day. My only disappointment was that there wasn't any yoga, only Zumba. Would most likely have my daughter attend this camp again! Thank you!
- Carrie Reynoso
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