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​Cooking Demonstration Open To Parents Of Head Start Program

The TRFA Mobile Kitchen offers​ visits to schools all year round.

​The Real Food Academy's Cooking Demonstration

Field Trip Fun

Because we can only cater to 1 school or organization on any given day, availability is limited. Click the button below to book your desired date & time now.

Availability Is Limited!

We Provide:

  • ​All portable equipment: Convection ovens, portable stoves, griddle, food processors, etc. 
  • Cooking utensils: Dishes, cups, spatulas, eating utensils, napkins, wet towels, cleaning supplies.
  • ​Ingredients: All food ingredients for 3 dishes! Appetizer, main ​Entrée and dessert.

Open to ​Parents of the Head Start Program

This activity it’s a cooking demonstration.  We provide everything to teach Parents the importance of eating right and teaching their children the benefits of eating “real food”. We’ll show how to use more natural, alternative ingredients to make healthier meals.

We Provide Everything ​to Prepare the Meals!

​Our staff will bring any necessary equipment to set up anywhere in your school to prepare succulent, healthy meals.

  • All portable equipment – Convection ovens, electric pans, griddle, blenders, mixers, juicer, etc.
  • Cooking utensils – Dishes, cups, spatulas, eating utensils, napkins, wet towels, cleaning supplies
  • Ingredients – All food ingredients for 3 dishes.

All you need provide are tables, chairs and beverages.

No Need to​ Travel! The Real Food Academy's ​Head Start Program Comes To YOU!

​Rate: $500 minimum for up to 35 adults. An additional $45 if traveling over 15 miles from our location. 

Sample Entree Menu

Our ​Head Start Program menu is not only succulent, it's filled with healthy choices as well. The Real Food Academy will provide a menu as selected by our professional chef, using seasonal local ingredients​. Additional sample foods shown soon. 

Fettuccini Alfredo

Italian Feast

Another popular menu selection is the Italian feast option.

Your students will prepare their pasta from scratch with a pasta machine, topped with a delicious sauce.

Pizza on a stick

Pizza On A Stick

One of our more popular menu items for Field Trips is the Pizza on a Stick.

Your students will prepare their own pizza stuffed with mozzarella cheese and 2 toppings of their choice.

Sample Dessert Menu

Our dessert menu is just as healthy, and even more delicious! Just like entrees, you will get to choose a dessert from our menu, including:

Fruit Skewers

Chocolaty Fruit Skewers

A healthy indulgence, the chocolate covered fruit skewers remains a popular choice with the kids. The light drizzle of healthy dark chocolate compliments the healthy fruit selection to make a perfect dessert choice.

Fruit Parfait

Fresh Fruit Parfait

Fresh seasonal fruit served with Fresh Whipped Cream, prepared by your student.

Plus, the whipped cream competition adds lots of fun to this healthy dessert!

Because we can only cater to 1 school or organization on any given day, availability is limited. Click the button below to book your desired date & time now.

Food Concerns About The Field Trips?

Peanut free zone

We do not use peanuts or peanut oil. Please notify us if anyone that will be included in the ​Head Start Program has any food allergies at all. We are happy to accommodate special requirements. We want the ​Head Start Cooking Activities experience to be a safe and fun one for everyone involved!

* Vendor and Insurance certificates available upon request. 

What Are Customers Saying About Their Experience?

Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Field Trips

Yes.  Not only is it an appropriate activity, we have found it to be one of the most gratifying for these students as well as for us!  We have successfully worked with all levels of special needs students.
Absolutely.  Call Chef Arthur anytime with your questions.  His direct number is 305-753-6644
The time needed for the event is affected by a number of different factors. 
  • The age of the children will affect the time needed.  Younger children take longer then older children.
  • The size of the group affects the time.  Larger groups take longer then smaller groups.
  • When we find the room with all the needed tables and chairs in place, that saves of time.  If we don’t have to gather tables and chairs from other rooms in the school we can save a lot of time.
That said, we can usually get the job done in time regardless of the above circumstances.  We can simply work at a faster pace if needed.  However, when there is a time limitation we appreciate knowing well in advance.
Yes.  We always appreciate when the room is ready for us when we arrive.  Please have the needed number of tables and chairs in the room where the event will take place.  There is no need to arrange the table and chairs, just have them in the room.
3 day’s before your field trip you will receive an email from us requesting a final head count.  If your “final head count” number is higher or lower, you can make the adjustment by replying to that email.  If we do not receive an adjusted number, you will be billed according to the original number.  If you supply us with a new number, the new number will be the amount you will be billed for.
Yes, your event can start anytime; whatever is best for you.  We are only suggesting 9am as a start time as this time works best for most organizations.  If you would like a start time before or after 9am please send an email request to [email protected] and follow up with a phone call to 305-753-6644 if a confirmation is not received within a few days of the requested change.
Our field trips are open to boys and girls ages 3 through 14 who may be interested in exploring the culinary arts.
A kitchen is not needed. We can setup in any classroom, cafeteria, etc.

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Reviews by Customers

About Our Field Trips


5 5 1
It was a good time! The children, parents and staff enjoy themselves. Thank you.


5 5 1
This was our first time attending Real Food Academy. The students had an amazing time. They enjoyed making pizza and fruit skewers. Chef Arthur captured their attention. We will definitely be returning!

Spring Break Field Trip

5 5 1
The participants had an amazing time. The staff did a great job keeping the kids engage. They all enjoyed the pizza. Would love to come back again. Thank you for a great experience.

"Amazing Experience"

4 5 1
We had an amazing experience; the kids, the parents, and our entire team of travel and tourism loved it. thank you for what you do, God bless you all.

"Enjoyed the entire experience"

5 5 1
Wonderful! The food was delicious and fresh. Chef Arthur and his assistant were so patient, helpful and professional. The kids and teachers enjoyed the entire experience. Thanks again!! Lilly Quintana Happy teacher :)

Excellent & Fun

5 5 1
Prompt arrival, courteous and professional presenters/chefs, great attention to detail, fun & useful cooking tools for the students. Microphone and music were useful and made the whole experience easy to hear and have fun with. Superior and I would book again. Highly recommended.

Summer Time Fun

5 5 1
The camp was really engaged from the time we begun until the time we finished. They had such a fun time learning how to eat healthy and making their own pizzas on a stick. Thank you for a wonderful experience.


5 5 1
Great activity, we will love to have it in the future again!

Summer Camp

5 5 1
AWESOME!!! Excellent experience with the chefs. All my campers have fun cooking and it was very educational. I will definitely contact you next year for summer camp.

Fun and Engaging

5 5 1
Arthur and Maria taught a group of 65 students of varying ages how to prepare pizza and the importance of eating healthy. They were friendly and the students (and teachers) enjoyed the entire event!!!


5 5 1
As always, the students loved this experience! Students were actively engaged and Chef Arthur did an exceptional job with informing the students about healthy food choices. It was a wonderful hands- on experience for the kids!!

"Awesome Event!"

5 5 1
Awesome event. The students loved the experience. Very educational, engaging and entertaining. Chef Arthur was very friendly and the kids loved him!!

"..incredible experience.."

5 5 1
We couldn't possibly be more grateful for the incredible experience provided to our students. They truly loved the cooking class, and look forward to having another one. This is an email I received from a parent after school: Hello, I just had to let you know how much Evan enjoyed today's cooking field trip at school. He has been talking about it since he got home, and told me what a "great learning experience it was." He was so happy when I picked him up- thank you so much for giving him this opportunity. Best, Ms. Motter Thanks again, and please email me with promotional materials so that I can inform students, parents, and other teachers about The Real Food Academy.