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  • I am a parent and I simply live for my kids.
  • I don't have much of an interest in cooking, but my child sure does!
  • The thought of attending a Mommy and Me cooking class with my child is very exciting.
  • I want my child to learn how to cook at an early age.
  • My child is always in the kitchen and wanting to prepare meals for the family.
  • I am not so happy with my child's eating habits and I need help to them to eat better.
  • I want to receive mail related to fun cooking classes or birthday parties for kids only!
  • I am an adult. I have no kids. I don't know anyone with kids so nothing about kids, thanks.
  • I do love to cook but I'm not so good at it. I need to learn how to do it better.
  • I love to socialize and I would love to plan a culinary event to celebrate something, anything
  • I love girl's night out, birthday parties, company events, you name it, count me in!
  • I am a foodie. I eat really healthy but want to learn how to improve my kitchen skills.
  • I want to receive mail related to fun cooking classes and fun parties for adults only!
  • At least one item in the kids section is true for me.
  • At least one item in the adults section is true for me.
  • I can't place myself in just kids or just adults, I love it all
  • I would love to receive mail related to fun cooking clases or parties for both kids and adults!
  • I am not sure how I wound up on your newsletter mailing list. Please stop the emails.
  • I have worked with The Real Food Academy in the past. It was a great experience but we're done for now.
  • I have moved and no longer have an opportunity to work with The Real Food Academy.