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Two young girls at The Real Food Academy's cooking class for teens.

Teens Cooking Classes

Perfect for:
After School

Welcome to our teen cooking classes, where you have the choice to sign up for a 10-week culinary course or participate in our individual classes. Your teens will learn all the basics and techniques to become a Real Food Chef. Each week they'll be introduced to a new culinary concept where we cover topics and create dishes accordingly. In every class, students can expect to make 2 to 3 dishes depending on the complexity of the recipes. These classes are perfect for both beginners and intermediate levels of cooking experience. We'll group them according to their age and cooking experience.

Day & Time
Tuesday at 4:30 - 7:00 pm
$500 for a 10-Week Course
1.5 Hours Over 10 Weeks
Skill Level
A young boy holding a mixing bowl at The Real Food Academy's cooking class for teens.

Cooking Classes for Teens

Unleash Your Teen's Culinary Potential

Ignite your teen's culinary passion with The Real Food Academy's 10-week culinary course, designed to transform them into Real Food Chefs! Whether they're beginners or already comfortable in the kitchen, our classes cater to all levels, providing a supportive space for growth and discovery.

Available as a full comprehensive course or individual sessions, each week unveils a new culinary adventure, where teen chefs learn everything from kitchen safety and cooking techniques to creating delectable dishes using real, unprocessed ingredients. They will craft 2 to 3 dishes per session, exploring a range of topics and cuisines—from mastering the basics of breakfast cooking to the intricacies of international cuisines like Italian pasta making and Asian culinary traditions. These diverse lessons ensure that teens have a well-rounded understanding of the culinary world.

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The Real Food Academy

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The Real Food Academy Miami

The Real Food Academy Miami


570-A NE 81st St
Miami, FL 33138

Top 5 Reasons to

Get Teens Cooking in the Kitchen


It teaches them about healthy eating.

Explaining to your teen why they can’t eat fast food every night gets tiring by the time they turn 12 years old. A great way to demonstrate the advantages of home-cooked meals over fast food is by regularly shopping for groceries and cooking with your teen. This teaches teens what goes into a healthy meal (ie. Real Food) and what isn’t healthy (ie. Processed food that includes preservatives, flavors, added extra sugar etc.).

Eating a “Real Food” diet is key to maintaining not only your physical health but also your mental health. This is especially important for teens, whose minds and bodies are still developing.


It gives you quality time together.

Cooking together is a great way to hang out with your teen and chat with them about their day. The time together will help you feel socially connected. Cooking together with your teen can provide a great opportunity to check in with what’s going on and find out how they feel.

You’ll likely find that chopping onions and peeling potatoes makes you feel more comfortable to talk about the big stuff.


They'll learn to fend for themselves.

There will come a time when your child needs to feed themselves. When this happens, it’ll be cheaper, healthier, easier and safer if they know how to cook at home.


It boosts their self-confidence.

When a teen can shop for, prep, cook and serve a meal (or even a snack) all on their own, it gives them a tremendous sense of accomplishment and pride. It might not seem like a big deal, but these small things help teens to believe in themselves. A teen who knows they can look after themselves will be ready to take on life’s challenges.


It keeps recipes in the family.

Teaching your teen how to cook is a great way to pass on those special family recipes. It provides an opportunity to talk about history and culture, and gives your teen a chance to learn more about who they are and where they came from.

Hear From Real Customers

March 27, 2024

Amazing Time

"It was an amazing experience as always my kids had a good time and learned new cooking techniques, I love the place and very much recommend."

— Vivian Urquijo

October 11, 2023

Fun Cooking Experience

"My son enjoyed his first hands-on cooking class!!! He can’t wait to return back to learn healthy food facts and try new cooking recipes! Thank you!!!”

— Gerry Li

October 2, 2023

Class Saturday

"Mi hija de 5 años fue FELIZ con su clase de cocina! el ambiente super recomendable y profesional. Soy pastelera y recomiendo 100% este lugar =) GRACIAS! y seguramente volveremos con mi hija a sus clases.”

— Juliana Cantarella

October 1, 2023

Food Truck

"My crew enjoy the cooking class and would like to come again”

— Juliana Cantarella

June 4, 2023


"Today when I saw my daughter clapping her hands I knew that was a sign of a satisfactory accomplishment. She was so into the class. The praises from the chefs encouraged her confidence and motivated her to want know more. My daughter has Asperger Syndrome and it’s difficult for her socially. However, the smiles and claps from her today was simply priceless. Thank you.”

— Marie ST

May 17, 2023


“My daughter really enjoyed her class, all was very organized, fun, healthy, pretty… we will be back for sure as many times as we can… she wants to be a chef :)”

— Adela

May 10, 2023

Great fun!

“My children thoroughly enjoyed the Saturday morning class. They even tried cauliflower! We will definitely return it’s a great way to spend time cooking, learning and eating!”

— Wendy

April 26, 2023

Cooking Class

“My daughter had such an amazing time in the class. She loved being there and being part of the group.”

— Mariana Ramirez

April 5, 2023


“My both daughters (5 & 9) enjoyed a lot the Saturday class!! Definitely we are going to back!! Super organized, clean, healthy and the staff very nice.”

— Frida

March 12, 2023

Great activity for kids!

“My daughter enjoyed doing the class and made 3 impressive food items. It was all themed which was fun! Highly recommend!”

— Brittany Faw

March 8, 2023

Saturday Kids Classes

Very happy to see how u lead the kids during the whole class.”

— Lizette

March 5, 2023

Great Class

My kid loves it”

— Athena

Teen Classes FAQs

No. All Payments and Deposits are non-refundable: When a payment or deposit is made, that day and time is no longer available to other customers on our calendar. For that reason, all payments and deposits are non-refundable.

In the case of a cooking class, the ingredients are shopped for and prepped in advance. Staff is also scheduled according to the number of people on the roster.


We are surrounded by lots of free parking. However, do not park in the CVS parking lot. You may be towed if you do. Also, if you park on the street you need to use the paybyphone app.

We developed the prepaid package to help save a family some money. If you have one kid who's coming to cooking class all the time, or if you have more than one kid. We know that can become costly, so we created the package. Not for friends, sorry.

All the recipes prepared at The Real Food Academy are easily accessible on our recipes page.

You can simply type the name of the recipe in the search field to find the recipe your are looking for. If you can't remember the exact problem. Just type in the cuisine type and you will quickly receive a list of all the recipes that include that cuisine.

If for some reason you require a printed copy of the recipe, please request it from the chef and they will happily provide it to you.

Yes, you still need to register for each class. When you purchase a package of classes, you are essentially purchasing credits to be deducted from each class you book. In the case of the kids classes you are purchasing 10 credits and for adult classes you are purchasing 4 credits.

The first step is to purchase the credits and the second step is to use the credits.

Our Steps

  1. Purchase credits.
  2. Choose the class you want to attend and book that class as you would normally do. The difference will be that you will not be asked for a credit card payment. You will simply deduct 1 credit from your Real Food Academy balance.

More importantly, purchasing a package of classes tells us only that you've bought a block of credits. We still you to tell us WHEN you are coming to class. Then and only then will we know the details of you or your child and most importantly whether or not your child has any food allergies.

This is why you need to register online for each class.

Yes, One thing! If your child has long hair, please have it pulled back and tied up neatly and pulled out of the face of your child upon arriving to class!

We are not limited to any one cuisine. Every week we prepare your kids favorite foods! It may be Italian one week, American the next week, Asian, Latin and more. No matter the cuisine, you can always count on us showing your kids how to prepare their favorite foods in the most health way!

No. Parents are invited to hang out in the cafe and enjoy a delicious breakfast, coffee, or even a mimosa!

We insist on this rule because your child needs to focus on the instructor. Parents can be very distracting to their children, which is not safe in many cases. Also, believe it or not, your child behaves MUCH better when Mom or Dad is not around! Please trust us on this one.

Your child will have a far better experience if you are not in the classroom. You will be invited into the classroom at the end of the class. That is when you can take pictures and when your child will have the opportunity to tell you all about their great creation. You will even have a chance to sample what they made.

We thank you in advance for respecting this rule. :)

All registrations for Saturday class are done through our on-line calendar. This will provide us the information we need in advance to be properly prepared for the class. walk-ins.

Newsletter Sign-up

Get Class & Menu Updates

A group of kids at The Real Food Academy's cooking camps.



All our classes are 100% hands-on and, unlike other cooking schools, we are not limited to any one cuisine!

A young boy smiling in front of mixing bowls, check out our cooking classes for teens.

Make Healthier Lifestyle Choices Through Nutritious Cooking

Discover New Flavors

Our comprehensive cooking classes for teens, are more than just about learning recipes; they're about embarking on a culinary journey filled with fun challenges and delicious discoveries. Each class is an adventure into new flavors, encouraging teens to think outside the box and push their culinary boundaries.

In our cooking classes for teen, they learn much more than just how to cook. Our classes focus on nutrition and fresh, whole ingredients. In a world too often dominated by processed foods, teens learn the value of nutrition-dense meals, gaining knowledge that contributes to healthier lifestyle choices.

The Real Food Academy reviews plate icon.

Rave Reviews for The Real Food Academy

proud to have a 4.9 star rating & 700+ reviews

  • Erica Wandzel

    This was an excellent team-building event. Our team from around the world had a great time learning about the food that we were making while overall spending time together. The staff was fantastic, and the facility was first-class. Thank you.
  • Olga Meador

    Awesome experience- wonderful service!!
  • Sidney Henderson

    Very good class
  • Dan Stein

    Amazing experience for friends or coworkers, great team (Pablo and Tony), and food was amazing! 100% recommend!
  • Jennifer Swanton

    Excellent class! I took my daughter today to the sushi class for kids and she loved it! She wants to go back next week!
  • martin gallardo

    Great place. Very clean, good music, food awesome. Chef Maria is a master. Great for family too.
  • alex guzman

    This was a great experience. It was my first time cooking and it was very easy. The chef was very welcoming and gave clear instructions. I highly recommend coming to the Real Food Academy.
  • Paula Chacon

    Great location, the dinamic is fun, the food is easy and delicious, great experience
  • Isabel Guia

    The experience was amazing! Thank you Chef Maria!
  • Yesenia Gasco

    Absolutely amazing class with Chef Maria! Highly recommend. Food and ambience were great!
  • Scott Grondin

    Fun night and great food! Highly recommend.
  • Tammi Calarco

    Fabulous place for networking events. The chef did a great job in teaching our group about the food we were preparing and in directing us on how to prepare and cook. We made beef empanadas, shrimp ceviche, and beef lomo saltado. Helpful techniques. Fresh ingredients. Healthy cooking. I can't wait to go again. I highly recommend this place.
  • Rahysa Vargas

    The experience was amazing highly recommend our Argentinian chef was amazing an instructor staff was wonderful we were a huge private group and we all loved it would come back again and recommend for networking event, birthday or for a date night.
  • Vivian Urquijo

    Amazing time It was an amazing experience as always my kids had a good time and learned new cooking techniques, I love the place and very much recommend.
  • sfuji15 (bam)

    Amazing experience and a fun time! Maria was great and explained everything so well and made sure everyone was on the right page. Would definitely recommend and will for sure be coming back!
  • Jodi Lewis

    Had such a great time at the pasta making class!
  • Carlos20

    The people in at this restaurant and academy are some of the kindest people I have had the joy of meeting in my life, they will treat you like family and chef Maria will cook you an spectacular meal like you can't imagine. 10 out 10 recommend this place. Love their food like you got no idea.
  • Yvan Luzardo

    Excellent experience very good food Amazing service Staff is A++++++ Def will be back !
  • rswingle

    Great group/team-building event.
  • Alpesh Patel

    Experience was great with Chef Toni! Very polite, great food and atmosphere! Food was tasty and flavorful!

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The Real Food Academy offers inclusive and fun cooking camps.

Nurture Culinary Creativity

With Real Food Academy’s Camps and Events

A young girl enjoying a fresh taco at The Real Food Academy cooking classes for teens.

Cooking Classes for Teens

Building Confidence and Essential Life Skills

What's cooking in our classes? Confidence, for starters. As teens chop, sauté, and simmer, they're also building essential life skills. Teamwork, leadership, and creativity simmer in our kitchen, giving teens a taste of independence and accomplishment. And let's not forget the laughter, the camaraderie, the shared triumphs over perfectly risen bread and flawlessly seasoned sauces. These are moments that stick, experiences that shape.

Dietary Accommodations

Real Flavor for Everyone

At The Real Food Academy, we take pride in crafting culinary experiences that are not only delectable but also safe for every palate. Our dedicated team understands the significance of dietary accommodations, and we go the extra mile to ensure that every participant can savor our creations without worry.

From gluten-free alternatives to nut-free options, we're well-versed in a wide range of allergies and dietary restrictions. Our kitchen is equipped with the latest tools and techniques to prevent cross-contamination, and our instructors are adept at adapting recipes to suit individual needs.

You can trust that at our academy, your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. Join us for a flavorful journey where allergies are never a barrier to delicious dining!

We offer a variety of dietary accommodations, including but not limited to:

Gluten Free
Gluten Free
Dairy Free
Dairy Free
Nut Free
Nut Free
Soy Free
Soy Free
A group of kids with head chef Marie, making a fresh dish at our cooking classes for teens.

The Real Food Academy's Cooking Classes for Teens

Learn Valuable Life Skills

Read More
Read Less

The Real Food Academy's classes go beyond the kitchen, too. They're memorable experiences that can spark a passion that may lead to future career paths in the culinary arts.

Step into the vibrant world of The Real Food Academy's cooking classes for teens and watch as they transform ingredients into art, learn valuable life skills, and develop a lifelong love for cooking. Book a class today!

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Master the Art of Flavor

Additional Cooking Classes at The Real Food Academy

Real Food. Real Connections

Elevate Your Culinary Expertise with Classes at The Real Food Academy

Special Announcements

The Real Food Academy Is Franchising

The Real Food Academy is now offering a fun & family-friendly franchise opportunity. We are expanding and inviting franchisees to join us on our culinary journey! Follow us on Instagram and Learn how you can #inspirelovethroughfood!

Learn More

The Real Food Academy is Now Enrolling Summer Camps!

With a limited capacity of 40 participants per day, spots fill up quickly! Don't miss your chance to secure your desired dates for this incredible cooking camp experience. Register now to ensure your child's place at The Real Food Academy, FL's Cooking with Kids Summer Camp!

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