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Spring is in the air in South Florida, and today I’m really excited to share one of my favorite recipes which includes a vegetable (from the cabbage family) with such a high carbohydrate-to-protein ratio, it’s now acclaimed as the “new beef.” Can you guess which veggie I’m talking about? Hailed as the “new beef,” Kale has a 3:1 carbohydrate-to-protein ratio – an exceptionally high amount of protein for any vegetable. At just 33 calories, one cup of raw kale has nearly 3 grams of protein, 2.5 grams of fiber (which helps manage blood sugar and makes you feel full), vitamins A, C, and K. And, there’s more benefits involved with raw kale. Click Here to find out more about Kale… On Thursday night, adult students will be making pasta from scratch. Then, on Saturday morning, kids will prepare (and feast on) the healthiest burger & fries combo EVER! Next, in our recipes section, we share simple & healthy dishes that include a superfood salad, a hearty French twist on a classic Mediterranean dish and, a delicious healthy dessert that’s loved by adults AND kids. I look forward to seeing you on Thursday and Saturday, and hope you will continue to make healthy choices when choosing food to fuel your body – and soul!  

About Chef Chef Maria

Born in Venezuela, Chef Maria developed her passion for food as a young girl. In her early 20’s she came to the United States and entered the restaurant business in Boston MA. Later in San Diego CA she opened El Tucan Restaurant. It was in San Diego that Chef Maria was challenged by the culture and regional ingredients that ultimately contributed to the inventive style she’s known for today. Also during this time in San Diego, Chef Maria was introduced to organic produce importance of nutrition.

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