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Announcing Two New Membership Options!

Join The Real Food Academy Family! It's a movement! It's a lifestyle! Become a member today and enjoy unlimited cooking classes for you or your kids! The Real Food Academy offer much more than cooking classes. The Real Food Academy promotes a healthy lifestyle by providing you with all the tools you need to change the way you eat forever! Learn the difference cooking real food makes in how  you feel!


For Kids

Budding Chef Membership

Has your child become fascinated with cooking recently? Do they want to help in the kitchen all the time? If yes, you will love our New Budding Chef Membership.

Many of our young members come to cooking class every week. In that case, you are paying only about $15 PER CLASS. Even if you only attended three times per month, you pay about $19 per class. When you consider the regular cost for a single kids class is $35, its an easy choice!

$59 per month

For Adults

Top Chef Membership

Our adult membership is called the Top Chef membership. This membership is just as exciting as our kids membership. Are you ready to finally learn to cook or prepare healthy and delicious meals?

Just like the Budding Chef our Top Chef Membership is an amazing value. Many of our current members come twice and some even come three times a week to classes. Let's say you only came once a week, that's only about $21 PER CLASS!​ (normally $65 per class)

$89 per month

In addition to unlimited attendance, you will also enjoy discounts on all the food served at The Real Food Cafe!

Details about the Real Food Cafe Coming Soon!

Ready To Save Big?

Frequently Asked Questions

About Memberships

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Yes.  The only way for The Real Food Academy to offer such low priced memberships is to require a minimum term of one year.  If you are not prepared to make such a commitment, the membership may not be for you.

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Customer Praise

For Our Cooking Classes and Events

Great time!

5 5 1
My 11yr old took a Saturday class for the first time and she loved it! She is super excited to show off her skills at home.

Kids had a blast!

5 5 1
Wonderful! Kids had a blast!

Great experience!

5 5 1
My daughter had a fantastic time during class. She is 4 and wished she had other young kids in her class, so I am planning to coordinate 1-2 four-year-olds to join us moving forward.

She loved it

5 5 1
I’ve never seen my daughter so hype to eat something healthy.

The girls had an amazing time

5 5 1
The girls enjoyed very much the Italian Bruch class, Clean environment, healthy food and great staff!!

My 4 year old loved it!

5 5 1
My son enjoys making pancakes with my husband on the weekends, but this was a special treat for him. As soon as the class was over he pulled me in tight and said, “Mom, thanks for bringing me to this class. Can we come again?” He proceeded to tell the family over dinner that he learned to crack an egg on his own and chop vegetables. Teaching kids to be comfortable and safe in the kitchen with the new skills they learned are valuable life lessons. We will be back in the near future for more cooking classes.

Great Experience

5 5 1
Both of my girls loved it!! They both keep asking me that they would like to go again.
The Real Food Academy
570 NE 81st Street
Miami, FL 33138
Call (786) 395-0355
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