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Kids Parties

The Real Food Academy is dedicated to making your special event an Unforgettable One!

From beginning to end, our professionally trained staff takes care of all the details. Plus, we offer a variety of packages to meet the needs of your child.

Our location in Miami Shores welcomes up to 40 little chefs (and their parents) for a fun and delicious cooking experience. Optionally, our mobile service can drive to a location of your choice (additional charges apply)

The Real Food Academy offers 3 different cooking birthday party packages to suit your needs: Budding Chef, Executive Chef and Top Chef.

What About The Adults?

We understand how fun and endearing it can be for family and friends to watch kids during one of our cooking birthday parties as each one prepares and eats delicious, healthy food. But, on an empty stomach, the mouth watering sights and aromas that dance with our guests’ appetite may be too much to handle! :)

That's why ​we now offer both Savory and Sweet food platers, certain to keep your palate and stomach pleasantly occupied while you're watching.

Click Here For More About Our Delicious Food Platters

We've been doing this a while. As a result, we've answered almost every question you might have. Spend about 5 minutes reviewing the FAQ, and we promise, you'll understand our process, what's next, and how to get started.

What's Included?

All Birthday Parties Include:

  • Up to 10 children (additional children can easily be added for a small fee)
  • All ingredients & supplies for 2 dishes
  • All plates and utensils
  • Beverages (Choose between Honest Kids Juice or 8oz Water Bottles)

Best of all, leave the cleaning to us!

Where's The Party?

Cooking parties are held at The Real Food Academy kitchen, at:

570 NE 81st Street

Miami, FL 33138

Optionally, our mobile service can drive to a location of your choice (additional charge applies)

What's The Price?

Considering the price of birthday parties these days, our customers tell us our cooking birthday parties are a steal!

​Prices on based on the program, ​view below to see the price.

And unlike most other birthday party venues in Miami that serve processed foods, we ONLY use fresh & healthy ingredients!

How Can I Book?

Booking a cooking birthday party is easy using our 3 Step online booking system.

Step 1: Select A Party Package from the choices below.

​Step 2: Provide Party Details

Step 3: Pick a date & time from our calendar.

To get started, simply select a package from the options below.

Price $​550

Up to 10 children. Each additional child is $20

Budding Chef Package Includes:

  • 2 hours of hands on cooking
  • Professional chef aprons to wear during the party
  • White chefs paper hats for every child to keep
  • Add Zumba Dance to your party (extra fee applies)

What Is Zumba

(Please note: There is a $250 charge when we come to your location, plus an 18% gratuity will be added to your total bill)

Budding Chef Menu

Price $595

Up to 10 children. Each additional child is $25

Executive Chef Package Includes:

(All Budding Chef Features) PLUS

  • 2 hours of hands on cooking​
  • Choose from our Extended Menu.
  • Add Zumba Dance to your party (extra fee applies)

What Is Zumba

(Please note: There is a $250 charge when we come to your location, plus an 18% gratuity will be added to your total bill)

Executive Chef Menu (Extended)

Price $795

Up to 10 children. Each additional child is $30

Top Chef Package Includes:

(All Executive Chef Features) PLUS

  • Professional chef aprons to wear and keep!
  • Goodie bag with 2 chef tools for each child
  • Choose from our Full Menu
  • Add Zumba Dance to your party (extra fee applies)

What Is Zumba

(Please note: There is a $250 charge when we come to your location, plus an 18% gratuity will be added to your total bill)

Top Chef Menu (Complete)

Frequently Asked Questions

About Kids Cooking Birthday Parties

Click the + symbol to reveal the answer to the question. 

Yes, for an extra charge we provide a variety of food platters for the adults.  (click here for details).  However, you are welcome to provide the adults food yourself if you like.
We have hosted as many as 40 children but 35 max is recommended to ensure everything gets the kind of attention we want them to have.
Yes, we have lots of room. In fact, we offer additional services to make your stay at the party as much fun for you, as it is for the kids. Order from our Adult Party platters, bring wine, beer or other beverages (no hard alcohol please) and have a party within a party.

Bring some of your friends, other parents or family and enjoy A Party Within A Party! ™
Yes, as long as they are accompanied by their parent who will provide their undivided attention to that child.
Yes, but for Executive and Top Chef parties only.  This is simply because there in not enough time during a Budding Chef party.  If a  Piñata is important to you and you have ordered a Budding Chef party, you can add $100 for the extra time and we will gladly welcome your Piñata.  

Furthermore, please know that our location has not been optimizes for Piñata’s.  We have few options as to where to hang the Piñata but we will do the best we can.

No.  In our experience, most times the cake plates, napkins etc. will be part of a theme.  We, along with the parents have found it better to leave this to the parents. 

However we are more than happy to help in a pinch.



You will receive a series of emails from The Real Food Academy after you make the deposit.  One of the emails will be regarding the Final Head Count.  That form needs to be returned to us no later than 1 day before the party.

We have a huge lot with tons of free parking behind our location.  If you’re having a party, make sure to tell your guests about the rear parking when sending your invitations.
Absolutely!  The space belongs to you during the hours that you booked the party.  Feel free to decorate it however you like!
Yes, you are welcome to bring your own beverages. We can even chill your beverages on-site. But please, no hard alcohol.
In some cases you can show up as early as 1 hour before your party time.  In other cases that will not be possible due to parties or classes happening before your party.  Every situation is different.  If you feel you need to arrive a full hour before your party time please call 786-395-0355 to inquire.
No, if you feel our staff have gone above and beyond your expectations, gratuity will be greatly appreciated. Gratuity can be paid in cash or by credit card the day of the event.

Not seeing your question/answer here? Try the search feature.

Customer Praise

About Kids Cooking Birthday Parties

"..fantasic party at any age"

5 5 1
We loved the party! the details! the attention from the owners very personalized! kids enjoyed! and i think your venue is a great option for a fantastic party at any age! we loved it

"..guests had a great time."

5 5 1
Chef Arthur was fantastic and did such a great job managing the kids (even when they got a bit hyped up on sugar). Lina had a wonderful birthday and all of the guests had a great time. Thank you again for a great event!

"..absolutely amazing"

5 5 1
The event was absolutely amazing. The kids were highly engaged. I love that the pasta was done from scratch. The place was immaculate and all around it was an amazing party. I would definitely come back! Thank you!

"You keep them engaged and having fun.."

5 5 1
The girls had a wonderful birthday thanks to you guys! Chef Arthur, you have an amazing calm in working with kids. You keep them engaged and having fun but very organized and orderly at the same time. Thank you again!

Great Class!

5 5 1
Great Class. Great Food!

"They had so much fun..."

5 5 1
My daughter celebrated 10th birthday there with her girlfriends. They had so much fun cookng and dancing after. Great place, friendly staff. Very happy.

"Stella and all of her friends absolutely LOVED being Chef for the day"

5 5 1
Thank you so much for making Stella's birthday so special. Stella and all of her friends absolutely LOVED being Chef for the day. Maria and Arthur, you both were such a pleasure to work with and were so fantastic with the kids. Looking forward to another sensational party with you for Scarlett.

"Absolutely the best birthday party..."

5 5 1
Absolutely the best birthday party my daughter ever had. Thank you all for everything. The staff and everyone was awesome
“Thank you for making our daughters birthday so special.”

Chef Maria and Chef Arthur were the best, the way they organized everything and the way they handled the kids was just great. Thank you for making our daughters birthday so special.

Ana Maria Deibel

“..unforgettable birthday”

My daughter, Taylor had a great time and enjoyed every minute of her party. It was an unforgettable birthday. You guys were great with kids and adults.

Everything was organized and the service was spectacular. You made sure everything was perfect and it was. Hope to come back again. Thank you all so much!!

Rozana Rodriguez

“This was the best party ever”

This was the best party ever.

Jolie was overjoyed. Chef Genesis and her Assistant were very accommodating and upbeat. Our guests were thoroughly pleased with the facility.

Thank you for everything.

Gersende Louis
“Our Guests Complimented On How Delicious Everything Was”

Thank you for providing such a great party for our girls!

Arthur, you were a terrific host, and the party was seamless with your lead. All of our guests complimented on how delicious the food tasted.

So thank you Maria, Arthur, and your sous chefs. We will definitely come back for another event!

My daughter celebrated her 10th birthday party here!
5 Stars

My daughter celebrated her 10th birthday party here. All my guest absolutely enjoyed themselves, all the adults and kids too. Chef Maria and her entire staff made the party super special. What a wonderful place to host your next cooking gathering. Some of my guest plan on hosting an adult party here soon!

Antoinette M

Thank you so much!
5 Stars

Amazing experience for the girls and for the moms! We loved every moment. What a special place and team you have. Thank you so much!!

Vanessa Sanz De Acedo

Great time!!!!
5 Stars

I just had my daughter's birthday party at the Real food academy and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Arthur and Maria went above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome and to make sure we all had a good time. Everyone in my party loved it.

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone that is looking to have a cooking birthday party.

Ivis Lopez

A great party!
5 Stars

Thanks to Maria and her team for a great party!! Everyone had lots of fun and food was delicious. Would definitely recommend it!

I Am Still In Awe!
5 Stars

My daughter celebrated her 5th Birthday at The Real Food Academy with "Cooking With Kids" private class and she had a blast!! Very calm inviting atmosphere everything was very clean and neat (one of my pet peeves). The chefs were so helpful and kind, they kept a pleasant smile the entire time always asking if we needed anything.They had great patience with the children through the process taking the time to be sure they were getting the most from their experience with The Real Food Academy.

I also love the idea of taking alternative routes to create delicious dishes with healthier ingredients! I have nothing but positive things to say and would recommend this to anyone whether for a party family time or just some time to relax. I will definitely be back!!

Thank you all again for an AMAZING experience!

“Natalija and her friends had a blast!”
5 Stars

Dear Chef Maria:

Since Natalija had her 8th birthday party with you I have non stop been spreading the word! Natalija and her friends had a blast. Most of all, they actually enjoyed the final products. The pizza on a stick was a hit. You surprised me at the end when you had the "cooking trivia" and the girls won little pink spatulas and pink whisks! That was a wonderful added touch. We look forward to seeing you at your cooking classes in the near future!

Thank you!
Valerie Stojanovic