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Kids Saturday Class

Every Saturday from 9:45am to 11:30am, you will find Chef Maria along with her student chefs creating a culinary dish.

Each week, a new theme is introduced.

Cooking Birthday Parties

Our unique birthday parties offer something different in a special, wholesome and healthy experience for your child.

Our cooking birthday parties are held either at our professional cooking kitchen in Miami Shores, or a local location of your choice.​

Winter Camp

Coming up with activities for kids when school is out for the winter break can be a challenge, but not for the Real Food Academy!

We offer two weeks of Winter Camp, and even School Holiday Camps.​

The Real Food Academy is dedicated to making your kids' special event an Unforgettable One!

Please scroll through this page to see all the activities for kids offered by the Real Food Academy. Click images or links to access the various sections of our site where you can find out more about the programs we offer, and sign-up using our user friendly online registration forms.

The Real Food Academy has great activities for kids year round. More importantly, at the Real Food Academy, we pride ourselves in being a place “Where Children Are Chefs And Nutrition is a Way Of Life”. Everything that happens here is centered around this one central concept.

Our goal is to reach as many children possible in the Miami area through these various special activities for kids:

Cooking Birthday Parties

Special Events

Mommy and Me

Mommy and Me

This class is among the favorites for both parents and kids. Side by side, you and your kid(s) create a delicious, healthy meal together. Remember to bring your camera to this class, because you will want to capture an experience you'll cherish forever.​

Gingerbread House Decorating

This class is for kids only, but parents are welcome hang with the kids at this class!

Decorate your own Gingerbread House (houses will already be assembled).

For  your enjoyment, we’ll be serving: 

  • Homemade Pizzas
  • Holiday Snacks (made in the kitchen by the chef)
  • Hot Cocoa with fresh whipped cream

Frequently Asked Questions

About Kids Classes, Birthday Parties and Summer Camp

Can I bring a Piñata?
Yes! Of course! Come a little early and decorate anyway you want (during the time allocated to you, the room is yours)
Can I bring my own refreshments and/or beverages of choice?
Yes, you are welcome to bring your own beverages. We can even chill your beverages on-site. But please, no hard alcohol.
Can I bring some beer or wine?
Absolutely. Bring your favorite bottle of wine. Most people do, however, The Real Food Academy does not possess a liquor license and therefore will not serve wine or any alcoholic beverages to anyone in the class.
Can I invite young kids as young as 2 years old?
Yes, as long as they are accompanied by their parent who will provide their undivided attention to that child.
Can I stay in the class with my child during the cooking class?
No.  Parents are invited to hang out in what we call the chill out room.  This room is connected to to the room where your child is, but is separated by glass.  However, you are more than welcome to come into the room to take pictures. In fact we encourage it!
Do you provide food for the adults?
Yes, for an extra charge we provide a variety of food platters for the adults.  (click here for details).  However, you are welcome to provide the adults food yourself if you like.
Do you provide plates, napkins, candles or forks for the cake?

No.  In our experience, most times the cake plates, napkins etc. will be part of a theme.  We, along with the parents have found it better to leave this to the parents. 

However we are more than happy to help in a pinch.

How do I register for the class? How do I pay? Do you allow walk-ins?
All registrations for Saturday class are done through our on-line calendar.  This will provide us the information we need in advance to be properly prepared for the class. walk-ins.
How much is the summer/winter camp?
The price for our cooking summer/winter camp is only $250 per week. Purchase 2 weeks, or purchase one week for 2 kids and save 10% with coupon code "camp2". Purchase 3 weeks, or have 3 kids or more and enter coupon code "camp3" for a 20% discount.
I just purchased a Package of Classes. Do I still need to register for each class online?

Yes, you still need to register for each class. When you purchase a package of classes, you are essentially purchasing credits to be deducted from each class you book. In the case of the kids classes you are purchasing 10 credits and for adult classes you are purchasing 4 credits.

The first step is to purchase the credits and the second step is to use the credits.

So step #1 is purchase credits

Step #2 is choose the class you want to attend and book that class as you would normally do. The difference will be that you will not be asked for a credit card payment. You will simply deduct 1 credit from your Real Food Academy balance.

More importantly, purchasing a package of classes tells us only that you've bought a block of credits. We still you to tell us WHEN you are coming to class. Then and only then will we know the details of you or your child and most importantly whether or not your child has any food allergies.

This is why you need to register online for each class.

I’m coming to Saturday cooking class for the first time. Do I need to bring anything?
Yes, One thing! If your child has long hair, please have it pulled back and tied up neatly and pulled out of the face of your child upon arriving to class!
Is gratuity included?
No, if you feel our staff have gone above and beyond your expectations, gratuity will be greatly appreciated. Gratuity can be paid in cash or by credit card the day of the event.
Is it okay if I show up early and decorate?
Absolutely!  The space belongs to you during the hours that you booked the party.  Feel free to decorate it however you like!
Is there enough room for the parents to stay at the party?
Yes, we have lots of room. In fact, we offer additional services to make your stay at the party as much fun for you, as it is for the kids. Order from our Adult Party platters, bring wine, beer or other beverages (no hard alcohol please) and have a party within a party. Bring some of your friends, other parents or family and enjoy A Party Within A Party! ™
The form asked me to enter the estimated number of children but I am not sure yet. Can I change this number as we get closer to the party?


You will receive a series of emails from The Real Food Academy after you make the deposit.  One of the emails will be regarding the Final Head Count.  That form needs to be returned to us no later than 1 day before the party.

What ages are welcome to the summer/winter camp?
Our summer/winter camps feature activities designed for kids from 6 to 13 years old.
What are the hours for summer/winter camp?
The official hours are from 9am to 3pm.  However early drop off and late pick up can be arranged for a small additional fee.
What is the maximum number of kids I can invite?
We have hosted as many as 40 children but 35 max is recommended to ensure everything gets the kind of attention we want them to have.
What type of activities should I expect my kids to experience at summer/winter camp?
Some of the activities included in our summer/winter camp include cooking, baking, Zumba, arts & crafts and more!
What type of food do you cook for the Saturday cooking class for kids?
We are not limited to any one cuisine. Every week we prepare your kids favorite foods! It may be Italian one week, American the next week, Asian, Latin and more. No matter the cuisine, you can always count on us showing your kids how to prepare their favorite foods in the most health way!
Where is the summer/winter camp location?
We are located at 9612 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami Shores, FL 33138 (map)

Customer Praise

About Kids Classes, Birthday Parties and Summer Camp

“..unforgettable birthday”

My daughter, Taylor had a great time and enjoyed every minute of her party. It was an unforgettable birthday. You guys were great with kids and adults.

Everything was organized and the service was spectacular. You made sure everything was perfect and it was. Hope to come back again. Thank you all so much!!

Rozana Rodriguez

“My daughter Samantha loved it!”
My daughter Samantha loved it !!!! See you next Saturday !!!! I already told 2 moms and I'm pretty sure one may sign up Linda Nasanchuk
“My daughter tried salmon for the first time, and loved it!”

Wow my daughter tried salmon for first time and loved it !!!Thanx so much

Great class!!

See you July 16!

Linda Nosanchuk

“Natalija and her friends had a blast!”

Dear Chef Maria:

Since Natalija had her 8th birthday party with you I have non stop been spreading the word! Natalija and her friends had a blast. Most of all, they actually enjoyed the final products. The pizza on a stick was a hit. You surprised me at the end when you had the "cooking trivia" and the girls won little pink spatulas and pink whisks! That was a wonderful added touch. We look forward to seeing you at your cooking classes in the near future!

Thank you! Valerie Stojanovic

“Our Guests Complimented On How Delicious Everything Was”

Thank you for providing such a great party for our girls!

Arthur, you were a terrific host, and the party was seamless with your lead. All of our guests complimented on how delicious the food tasted.

So thank you Maria, Arthur, and your sous chefs. We will definitely come back for another event!

“Overall a great experience for us both”

There's not one bad thing to say, I love the chefs, the menus. Overall a great experience for us both.

Arlen Sirotzky

“Thank you for making learning so fun and delicious!”

Dear Chef Maria,

My children Helaina (age 6) and Joshua (age 3) have so enjoyed your cooking classes this school year! They even battle over who gets to go to cooking on a particular day. It is so fun to see them learn about nutrition, manners, and different cultures, while at the same time creating something they can be proud of and enjoy eating too.

I feel like we have traveled around the world with your international menu and age-appropriate dishes.

Thank you for making learning so fun and delicious! We look forward to cooking with you for years to come!

With Love, The Harris Family

“Thank you for making our daughters birthday so special.”

Chef Maria and Chef Arthur were the best, the way they organized everything and the way they handled the kids was just great. Thank you for making our daughters birthday so special.

Ana Maria Deibel

“This was the best party ever”
This was the best party ever. Jolie was overjoyed. Chef Genesis and her Assistant were very accommodating and upbeat. Our guests were thoroughly pleased with the facility. Thank you for everything. Gersende Louis
A great party!

Thanks to Maria and her team for a great party!! Everyone had lots of fun and food was delicious. Would definitely recommend it!


Hi! I think what you guys are doing there is amazing!!! I loved it and I'm glad we signed up! My picky eater tasted everything and had a great time !!

I do have one wish, the kids should take home respite cards of what they made.

Thank you and looking forward to next Saturday. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

Arlen Sirotzky

Chef Jeff was the best!

Wow!! My daughter had an amazing time during her Saturday cooking class! Chef Jeff was the best! She learned so much in just one day. She has asked me to help me cook every night since her class! We will be back soon!!

Can you PLEASE open another location in Miami? :)

Mary March

Great time!!!!

I just had my daughter's birthday party at the Real food academy and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Arthur and Maria went above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome and to make sure we all had a good time. Everyone in my party loved it.

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone that is looking to have a cooking birthday party.

Ivis Lopez

I Am Still In Awe!

My daughter celebrated her 5th Birthday at The Real Food Academy with "Cooking With Kids" private class and she had a blast!! Very calm inviting atmosphere everything was very clean and neat (one of my pet peeves). The chefs were so helpful and kind, they kept a pleasant smile the entire time always asking if we needed anything.They had great patience with the children through the process taking the time to be sure they were getting the most from their experience with The Real Food Academy.

I also love the idea of taking alternative routes to create delicious dishes with healthier ingredients! I have nothing but positive things to say and would recommend this to anyone whether for a party family time or just some time to relax. I will definitely be back!!

Thank you all again for an AMAZING experience!

I can’t say enough great things!

I can't say enough great things, with every class my son is enjoying more coming and trying things that was a battle before!! Thank you!

Arlen Sirotzky

It was a great experience for both kids!

It was a great experience for both kids, and a nice surprise to be able to share with them at the end of the class. My daughter even made us the same baked chicken with panko recipe for dinner. They will definitely be back, regularly.

Dennis Murcia

Keep up the great work!

An excellent class my kids really enjoy it. Keep up the great work.

Zoila Simmons

My daughter celebrated her 10th birthday party here!

My daughter celebrated her 10th birthday party here. All my guest absolutely enjoyed themselves, all the adults and kids too. Chef Maria and her entire staff made the party super special. What a wonderful place to host your next cooking gathering. Some of my guest plan on hosting an adult party here soon!

Antoinette M

Thank you for a great culinary experience!

My daughter had a wonderful experience! She throughly enjoyed her time in the class. The whole staff was so friendly, informative and attentive. My daughter can't wait to come back for her next class.

Thank you for a great culinary experience.

Sheena Cepeda

Thank you for a wonderful and tasty time!

Andrew (12) and Sara (10) had such a great experience with you, Chef Jeffrey and your wonderful staff and learned a great deal about smarter ways to cook with smart ingredients on Saturday. I am positive that when they visit in the future, their first request will be to return to The Real Food Academy. We were all impressed with the 13 students -- everyone with rapt attention and full participation...quite a feat for 13 (students) under 13!

Thank you for a wonderful and tasty time!

Kathleen Redmond

Thank you so much!

Amazing experience for the girls and for the moms! We loved every moment. What a special place and team you have. Thank you so much!!

Vanessa Sanz De Acedo