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Here's What You Need To Know!

Or "Why Your Child Needs To Spend At Least One Week At The Real Food Academy This Summer".
Some kids have no interest in cooking while others absolutely love to cook and spend time in the kitchen. Either way, your child needs to spend at least one week at The Real Food Academy's culinary camp this summer and here's why.
Let's start by stating a few things we know for sure.

#1 Your Child's Health

First and foremost, we can all agree that there is nothing more important to a parent than the health of their child. This is a fact. It's also a fact that nothing has a greater impact on your child's health than the food they eat. When they eat the right kind of food (known as "real food" at The Real Food Academy) they will feel better, sleep better, think better, look better and ultimately reduce the chances of facing serious diseases later in life. There is no better time for your child to establish good eating habits than when they are young.
NOTE: Children who develop an appetite for highly processed foods when they are young, have much greater chance of developing food addictions to those foods and will pay the price with their health later in life.

#2 Eating Habits

The Real Food Academy summer camp will influence your child’s eating habits in a very positive way. This can be very difficult if not impossible for parents when it comes to your child's eating habits. We know from experience that many (if not most) parents have difficulty influencing the eating habits of their child. Here's why we have succeeded where many parents have failed in the very important task.

At The Real Food Academy’s culinary camp, your child will be surrounded by other children his or her own age. When the time comes to eat, more often than not most kids will proudly proclaim "yummy, this tastes great"! Even the most picky eaters will at this point open their mind, challenge their palate and come out with a "yeah this is yummy" of their own. We have seen this phenomenon over the years and consider it to be a very powerful, yet gentle positive peer pressure. This is something that's nearly impossible to achieve it at home.

#3 Self Esteem

Assisted by a trained chef, your child will assemble dozens of recipes over the course of the week. They will bring their own creativity to each task, work as a team, and time after time create dishes that looks great…tastes great…and most importantly will consist of healthy nutrient dense ingredients. Of course eating their creation is the best part. The immediate gratification they experience will boost their self-esteem is why our campers say that the Real Food Academy’s camp is their favorite! When you pick you child up at camp, you can expect your child to run toward you, food in hand, beaming with pride and excited to share with you their creation.
Boost Self-esteem
Note: When you register for camp you will receive an email from the Real Food Academy requesting some information about your child. We have found that knowing a little bit about you child ahead of time will help us give your child the very best experience possible. For example, How old are they? Are they a picky eater? Are they painfully shy, etc.?

BTW, you can assure your child that they will be seated with other kids their own age!

#4 Multiple Weeks

What if my child comes to camp for multiple weeks? Will they be repeating the same information? Absolutely not. Here's the way we do things at The Real Food Academy. Each week we change the recipes so those returning for multiple weeks will be challenged with something new. We also extend certain privileges to those coming back for a second and subsequent weeks. When your child returns for a second week they will feel special and important when they have access to the kitchen, added responsibilities etc.
What your child learns at The Real Food Academy camp can influence their eating habits every single day for the rest of their life. That’s what makes this camp unique! Your child eats every single day, right? The question is; what are they eating? Our primary goal at The Real Food Academy summer camp is to teach your child about Processed vs Real Food. This is our #1 priority because processed food is everywhere and most kids are consuming far more of it than they should.

What Your Child Will Learn

The following schedule shows what we teach each day of the week. Menu's change week to week.
MONDAY: All About Culinary
  • Cooking Techniques
  • Cooking Terms
  • How to use different appliances & utensils
  • Proper Food Handling
  • Plating Techniques (Food Presentation)
  • Menu Reading
TUESDAY: Real vs Processed Foods
  • How to become a Food Detective
  • What’s Real Food?
  • Benefits of Real Food
  • What’s Processed food?
  • Consequences of eating Processed Food
  • Food Labels Reading
  • Food Board Design
WEDNESDAY: Food Practice & Lab
  • Food Challenge Competition (Creativity, Flavor and Food Presentation)
  • Food Planning and Menu Development
  • Menu Design (Arts and Crafts)
  • Restaurant Positions Games
THURSDAY: All About Baking
  • Baking Terms and Techniques
  • Baking Cupcakes Galore
  • Different Frostings and Fondant
  • Cupcake Wars Competition
FRIDAY: The World Of Hospitality
  • Breakfast Buffet
  • Lunch Buffet
  • Snacks Buffet
  • Table Etiquette
  • End of Camp Bash
Optional: These are offered to campers when they are not cooking.
  • Arts and Craft related to cooking
  • Paper Origami
  • Dance and Music Listening
  • Board Games
  • Talent Shows
  • Free time

We Think The Kids Explain It Best Though

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