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User beware: This is not your classic Milkshake! Times have changed, more than ever, people are conscious of what the food they put in their bodies and how this affects their energy levels, weight and overall health. I know this because we work with these people on a daily basis.  On this topic, we want to bring you all an alternative to the classical Milkshake usually made with Ice Cream and Milk. Commercially made ice cream has lots of sugar, food coloring, preservatives and other chemicals which are not part of the original recipe and that do not add any nutrition to our bodies. Milk, well, let’s just say adding plant-based “milk” you are contributing to health benefits such as lower cholesterol intake and more natural nutrition. The following recipe is full mono-unsaturated fatty acids like palmitoleic acid and oleic acid that helps lower LDL or “bad cholesterol” and increase HDL or “good cholesterol” levels in the blood. Add to that the high levels of  Selenium, Vitamin E, and  Thiamin.   This recipe doesn’t have any added and processed sugar, dyes or preservatives. So go ahead and try this newer version of the Milkshake, you will not feel as guilty and will reap the benefits of a plant-based diet while licking your lips! Yum!!!
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Raw Nut Milkshake
Raw Nut Milkshake
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  1. Blend the Brazil nuts in a high speed blender (Vitamix) until creamy. Using a nut milk bag or a cheese cloth squeeze all the milk out.
  2. Add milk and remaining ingredients back to the blender and mix well. Chill for at least one hour.
  3. NOTE: You can substitute the Thai coconut with a can of organic coconut milk. We highly suggest to use the fresh coconut if possible.
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Born in Venezuela, Chef Maria developed her passion for food as a young girl. In her early 20’s she came to the United States and entered the restaurant business in Boston MA. Later in San Diego CA she opened El Tucan Restaurant. It was in San Diego that Chef Maria was challenged by the culture and regional ingredients that ultimately contributed to the inventive style she’s known for today. Also during this time in San Diego, Chef Maria was introduced to organic produce importance of nutrition.

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Chef Maria says March 23, 2016

I love this milk shake!

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